Directions to Spencer Lake

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  1. How do yo uget there from Cleveland? Any good fishing spots? I heard there are a lot of catfish being caught there.
  2. Well I don't know cleveland at all but if you head west out of cleveland you'll get to 83 eventually, take 83 south until you get to spencer lake road (about midway through medina county) turn right on spencer lake road and it should take you right to it. I really don't know for sure if they're catching catfish or not, my friend said he didn't do too good out there last time he had the boat on it but then again, 1 day out of 365 doesn't count when it comes to fishing.

  3. St Rt. 83 South, south of St Rt 18 (Litchfield) about 3-4 miles. There is a small sign pointing to the lake. There are 2 entrences to the lake. Small ramps on each end.
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    Spencer Lake was drained a few years back to kill invasive species (white amurs??) I am not sure if the lake has made it back yet. I haven't heard anything positive about it.
  5. I live in Medina County and my own personal opinion is that as you were told by androdough the lake was drained a few years ago and it was definatly screwed up. Seeing the distanxce that you would travel to fish it I really don't think that it is worth the time to trvel that far. Am just trying to save you a lot of driving time and am willing to bet that some of the East side members can tell you where to catch some nice cats on the East side of Ceveland. Come on guys, help him out.
  6. Thanks guys, I've come to find that the ODNR website "hotspots" really aren't hotspots. I've caught some cats on the Chagrin this summer, but the big ones are few and far between.
  7. I've been to Spencer 3 times this summer and managed a handful of bass in the 5" to 12" range, all on a plastic worm, plus a few 10" crappie. I did catch and land one 18" bass that went about 4 pounds...real healthy fish.

    During the hot mid-day hours I trolled a 4" worm behind the boat, pretty slowly, and caught about 35 crappie between the three days. The crappie were mostly 8 -9". I also caught 6 channel cats with this method, the biggest being about 20"

    I did not do well with the bluegills at all.