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We will be taking off that morning from the Vermilion River.

We will be running 3 flights of boats. The first flight takes off at 7:30 with the starting times separated by 20 minutes for the final 2 flights. The 3 flights will have 3 different staging areas in the river. After the first flight has left the river the second flight will move up to the first flight staging area and the 3rd flight will move up to the
2nd flight staging area. Will will just continue this process until all 3 flights are gone. Communication on the river for the moves will be channel 80 on your radio.

The weigh-in will be at the Red Clay Restaurant on the river. There is a long section of wall that you will pull up to with your 5 fish to weigh. You will be met along this wall by a member of the weigh team with a weigh basket. You will put your five fish to weigh in the basket and one member of your team will go with the fish to the scale. After your fish are weighed the one member that went with the fish will return to your boat and you will vacate the wall area to make room for the next boat weighing-in. You then go and load your boat and head to the awards party. There will be a secure ( someone watching the boats) parking area for trailered boats and a short shuttle ride to the awards party.

We will be using 3 different ramps in the vermilion River for launching and boat inspections.

There is a captains meeting on Friday evening at the Vermilion on the Lake Club. You will be able to check in, receive your boat number card, enter the big fish pot, and have every detail of the the tourney, flights, staging areas, times, ramps, etc, all explained to you and to answer any remaining questions you may have.

We will be posting more information as we get closer to the date on the ramps we will be using, along with maps and directions to all of the pertinent locations.

If you have any other questions right now that you need answered give me a call.

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