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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any info on Direct Buy. We're looking to do some home improvements and wondered if this was worth looking into. What's a membership cost? And what stops someone from not joining and paying a membership fee and instead just hooking up with someone who does have a membership to have them purchase items.


  2. It's a high pressure scam at least thats the impression I left with after leaving there. They do a high pressure pitch and show you a catalouge but heres the catch. YOu hav eto sign up before you leave and you can't go home and think about it. Depending on what you are doing I'd try to negotiate with one of the home improvement stores.

  3. Hey London calling, what was the cost of a membership?


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    if i'm not mistaken,it's $5000 for a 2 year membership.from all i've read,it seems to be nothing more than a scam.some folks claim to save big and love the place,but i have seious doubts about their guess is you can get similar deals on equal quality products from local sources without the hassle or membership cost.
    just google "direct buy" and you'll find lots of reviews(good and bad)from various sources.
  5. Depends on your plans for spending and lead times for getting product.

    I joined without having to get "the pitch" when I was having my house built. Since I paid out of pocket for all fixtures, plumbing, flooring to keep the mortgage cost down (taxes), I made up my initial investment very fast. Some deals cannot be beat on the web or otherwise. Others are not that great. I have bought a high-end grill, lawn mower, landscape lighting, fixtures (Moen, Kohler), sinks, lighting, flooring (carpet/hard) and many other items around the time of construction. Since then, my purchasing has gone down quite a bit due to not needing the high ticket items and finding better deals on the internet since the time I initially joined.

    It was a good vehicle for purchasing before the internet, but not as effective now that you can google to compare prices.

    Good deals are present for plumbing, lighting, construction materials, flooring, outdoor equipment, furniture - traditionally items where there is a big markup from the manufacturer's cost. Other items where the markup is small (electronics, sporting goods) can be found at similar or lower prices elsewhere.

    Downsides: You pay handling and shipping over the price, so you have to compare with other (websites) where tax/shipping/handling is not part of the price. Similar to shopping at Sam's or Costco, some great deals are present, others are not. You are treated like another customer to the company where you buy your goods, so returns are a pain with long lead times. Since they are not high on the customer list of a supplier, lead times can vary to as much as eight weeks.
    (disclaimer: I do not work for them or know anyone who works for them)
  6. Its around 3800 for three years. then like 200 a year after or so. I have made my money back already. I think it is worth it if you are making the right buys. if you are remodeling a kitchen it is well worth it. If you are doing it for odds and ends it may not be worth it. just depends on what you want to spend.
  7. They will sell you higher cost stuff at a reduced rate , still costs more than Lowes, Home depot, or many furniture stores in the area. Then they rip more money off you with a membership fee. They arent doing anything illegal , they just make you think you are getting a good deal when really you are not. :(
  8. Thanks for all your replys. Were doing a complete kitchen remodel, cabinets, countertops, island, floors. Did the Lowes thing and received sticker shock. Of course, the wife has some "grandiose" ideas that are driving up the price. She's still holding the boat purchase in 2002 over my head.

    Now researching internet direct online ordering. Anyone come across cost saving sites they'd liked to share?


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    muskeye,depending on what you're looking for,you might try cabinet suppliers/retailers for returns or cancelled orders.if you can find what you want,you can get some good deals.these are cabinets that were ordered and/or delivered,but for one reason or another,the customer couldn't use's a way to go if you have time or are flexible in what you want.
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  10. Not really, but here is an idea. If you are paying upfront find a local giant eagle and buy all of the giftcards you can to pay for the purchase. That way you at least save a ton on gas. I did this at Best Buy when I bought my new tv and xbox. I got two or three free tanks of gas when it was still close to 4 bucks a gallon.

    Also try going on you can sign up for a one time moving coupon for like 10% off, or just sign up for a credit card if you haen't already done that.

    Finally price compare, if you find something at another store that is cheaper lowes will beat the price by 15%. I did this for the materials for my deck a few years ago and saved something like $300 on a purchase of $1500.

    hope this helps
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    Doing a partial remodel right now. Had the kitchen floor replaced with 3/4" hickory through Lowes with a local installer. I did the tear out and saved a grand. I thought I might attempt the install but am glad I didn't. There were little tricks of the trade when undercutting things that I would not have a clue about. I consider myself pretty handy and have a good assortment of tools but when you're spending that type of money and something gets screwed up there is a bit of peace of mind knowing they are insured. Many of the box stores have 0% percent interest deals going on too.
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  12. The two best ways to save money remodeling... #1 Do as much of it yourself as possible. #2 Tell your wife that you appreciate her grandiose ideas but we are gonna keep it simple and cheap :) :D

    Have fun with your remodel
  13. IME, I paid about 1/3 the cost that 2 big box stores quoted for cabinets and corian countertops and 1/2 what a specailty cabinet store quoted. Real 3/4" hardwood floors with a 7 layer stain and super tough aluminum oxide finish was 1/2 the cost of my builders guy who would have stained with 3 coats of poly. Faucets (Delta) were 1/3 the cost of Home Depots posted special order price and at least 15% less than off the shelf. Lighting was less than half for same compared to big box. Appliances were about 1/3 less than store sale price. This was in 2003. No big savings on electronics that I noticed. If you have a lot to buy, are buying high quality name brand, in a short period of time and not much time to shop it's well worth it IMO. For the record, I worked in building materials for 2 years (including Lowes for 1yr) and building houses for 2 years. My house ended up 5% under budget...the first time in 75 houses for my contractor and we upgraded pretty much everything. One drawback is you have to order weeks ahead of time and if you can't haul your own goods, delivery fees are high compared to what normal stores charge. Another thing is that you have to order from catalogs and they have very limited sample products outside of carpet samples and fabric samples.
  14. I'd try the Kraftmaid factory outlet. do a google, they used to have a sale 3 or 4 times a year. They used to do it at the factory in Middlefield then it got too big so they moved it out by Lordstown or Youngstown...You need to have you kitchen plans drawn up and then try to find the right cabinets. Cash and Carry. Its good to go with friends to help guard the stuff you found else sometimes people removew you tag and put their own names on the stuff....I bought some nice 48" tall red oak cabinets for like $50 a piece and use themto store stuff in the basement...
    The smaller the kitchen the better chance you have...