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    can anyone point me to some info on using divers and/or trolling for eyes in general. have never done it. But I want to give it a try.
  2. Use the search tool on this forum. Search lake erie forum for "trolling walleye" and "dipsey diver". You will find a lot of info that will lead you to additional searches. Then ask specific questions related to what you read. Thats how I got started.

  3. http://luhrjensen.com/

    This is Luhr Jensen...makers of dipsys. They have some technical bulletins that will help ya out on running divers.

    Some method of measuring the amount of line out is needed to run dipsys efficiently. Most guys use line counter reels on trolling rods. Braid line (no stretch) is my prefered line for trolling.

    Typical set up:
    Trolling rod with line counter reel
    Braid line (ie 30# Power Pro or Original Spiderwire Braid)
    Snap swivel
    Snubber (optional)
    4-8' leader (with swivel/snap on one end and interlocking snap on the other end....leader material flourocarbon or mono 20lb)
    Bait (spoon, harness,crank)
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    WOW!!!:D bob, you seem to have a little experience with this method of fishing. what gives??lol..just kidding buddy:D