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dip nets

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by peple of the perch, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. does anyone use these and know how to keep them from falling apart
  2. I guess it depends on what they're made of, but keeping them dry as much as possible helps a lot.

  3. Buy a plastic one at Gander Mountain for about a buck, also has a hook remover.
    Devil Dog
  4. depends on what you use them for. I use a couple different hoop sizes from a 8" diameter opening to a 16". I use them alot too during the year and really beat them up along the rocks and other various things that can snag a net. Best material to have is nylon or coated nylon. Ace mesh is very strong. What I think makes the nets I use superior to say the ones you can get from Cabela's or Gander is that the netting on the ones I use is actaully secured WITHIN the hoop of the net and not AROUND it. this not only reduces stress on the mesh but also lets you drag it along the bottom of a rocky substrate or really put it up against anything and the net will not fray along that area and eventually break off. They are custom made by someone who just moved away from Wooster to CA actually but I am sure he is back in business.
  5. What kind of dip net are we talking?For fish or minnows?
  6. minnows is what i want to get they r square
  7. I use a large square one while useing a larger minnow bucket,and have had no problems.I buy mine from a bait shop.My last one is only about 3yrs old also????Don't know what else to say.
  8. A food strainer makes a super minnow bucket scoop if thats what you are looking for. No tring to get the buggers out of the small mesh net. Only a problem if your bucket has a small lid opening.
  9. u throw it in the water and pull it up and it trapps minnows i use mine on the docks in lake earie