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  1. So after our succesful mushroom hunt yesterday hookupfishon came over today and we ate our mushrooms with a chuck roast I smoked for about 8 hours as well as some stuffed jalepenos, and a sausage roll stuffed with hashbrowns and cheddar cheese. Hookupfishon said I had to give him the credit for cooking the shrooms. Heres some pics if anybody wants to know recipes or how we made this feast just ask.

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  2. Now that is a good looking meal! Love the ABT's, could make a meal out of them alone. What temp did you take the chuck roast to?

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    Nice looking meal! ABT's and a fatty!!!

    I have not yet tried beef on the smoker - that pic has me thinking it's time to try.

  4. I took the chuck to about 160 in the smoke and then foiled it until it reached 195. Pulled it off and rested it for about 40 minutes. Then I just sliced it and served it in its own juices collected from the foil.

  5. I am Hooked on beef now. I have been less then impressed with the ribs I have made and was getting frusterated with them. I am gonna stick to beef for a while, Just seems like the end product is better IMO. Ill get back to ribs and pork in a while. Seems like there are a couple of SMF.com poster floating around here I didn't want to call the sides by their true names for fear of confusing the non smoking crowd.;)
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    You nailed it! Both of us - same names over there.

    Try the 3-2-1 method on ribs. They literally are falling apart at the end of "2" but tighten back up just right at the end of "1".
  7. Tried it still didn't seem to work. There is a thread on SMF with my rib issues in it. I as well post under the same name and avatar. I Am finally getting fairly good control over my temperature, so that should help, I still have a rack of baby backs in my freezer, Maybe Ill pull them out and give them a go on sunday probably cut it down to a 2-2-1. I need to find a decent (Price and quality) local butcher so that I can get good ribs. The ribs I get from meijer just aint cutting it.
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    I get my ribs and butt vac packed at Sam's Club - I buy spares and trim them St. Louis style. That smoked "skirt" meat is killer in some beans.

    They have many cuts vac packed that I have not seen in grocery stores - brisket flats, whole beef loin, etc..
  9. I have no idea about half of what you guys are saying but I do know that that looks like some serious grub.:eek: It makes my mouth water.
  10. Are there any left overs you could throw to the "dogs"? :D Looks very good.
  11. I may have to try there. Are their cuts injected with solution or are they un-altered I have had bad luck with injected meats

    You would have to talk to HookUpFishOn his wife volunteered to take clean up duties on the scraps. As soon as I said she could have them they were out of my house in under a minute. I think she wanted to prevent me from changing my mind.
  12. Hey Sporty I did a london broil a few weeks ago and it was the first beef I have tried and was great. Lots of info on the london broil over of SMF. I did it cause I wasnt ready to take on a whole brisket yet and the LB's are a good size to start out with the beef.
  13. hey bigun could you post the recipe for the stuffed sausage ? man that sounds real good.......thanks
  14. The sausage is easy, The trick is in rolling it.

    1 lb of bob evans breakfast sausage
    4-5 pieces of bacon
    1/2 cup shreadded cheddar
    1/2 cup frozen hashbrowns
    spices to taste I usually use some fresh onions, garlic, salt and pepper

    Put sausage in a 1 gallon zip loc bag and smash it flat all the way into the corners. you will probably need to poke holes into the corners to let the air out. Once it is flat it should be between 1/4 and 1/2 inch thick, open the top of the bag and slit the sides so that you have access to a flat square piece of sausage. add cheddar, hashbrowns, and spices, and roll it up like a burritothis is why I use ziplocs, they give me something to hold onto because the sausage can't be rolled without paper or plastic to support it. I usually then put it in the freezer for a half hour or so to make it easier to put in the smoker. After chilling I wrap the sausage in bacon and put it in the smoker at 225-250 degrees for about 3-4 hours or until the internal temp reaches 165 or so.

    The trick to rolling it is to work fast and keep ithe sausage cold, as it starts to get warmer the fat in the sausage becomes stickier and harder to deal with. You may need to addd a little more filling or not use as much I really eyeball it but these amounts should be close. Fattys are one of those things you can't screw up. I have also done pizza fattys, italian sausage stuffed with pepperoni, onion, mozzaralla, and topped with pizza sauce. Bottom line experiment and have fun
  15. Sorry fishintiger, but my wife has taken care of the leftovers, but boy was it tasty. If there were leftover shrooms, my wife and I may have had to brawl against Bigun and his wife, No Holds Barred Style. I haven't had meat that tender in a long time, and I could have ate the fatty by myself.
    Hey Bigun! did you say something about ribs on Sunday? I will hopefully have another haul of mushrooms, going to the preacher's saturday, and my buddy is bringing me some he found to work tomorrow. He found over 400 on his grandpa's land in Athens over the weekend. Looked like mostly yellows.
  16. Don't know hookup. I have to talk with the wife, and it is mothers day you know. What we need to do is pick a sunday in june maybe the first sunday,and have everyone over for some BBQ, shrooms (If you can put them away and leave them alone that long), a beer or two, fattys, ABTs, maybe a chuck or brisket, who knows. Give me a call and well try to get a tentative plan.
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    Hey Bigun,

    Sorry for the late reply - was on a fishing trip!! :D

    I don't believe the meats from Sam's is injected. I'll check next time I get some. They've always turned out great.

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    Hey Bigun,

    I picked up some butt and a brisket flat today at Sam's - nothing added. I never tried a brisket before so we'll see how that goes.

    Also picked up some GFS lump charcoal on the advice of another smoking buddy.

    I'll post a report and some pics tomorrrow as the smoke progresses.
  19. Does GFS have their own brand of lump. I buy Royal oak by the 20 lb bag there but I have never seen any labeled as a house brand