Dillon Lake

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  1. shroomhunter

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    Got invited to fish Dillon last evening for catfish and jumped at the chance. We took my son along and he finally got to use his giant catfish rod with his Shimano Baitrunner that he won at the Hoover Fishing Seminar 2 years ago.

    We started out netting some shad for bait and caught a nice little surprise in the cast net. It looks as if the saugeye release may have been a success this year for Dillon as we netted a healthy 3"-4" long baby saugeye. IT WAS IMMEDIATELY RELEASED back into the water unharmed along with the baby Smallmouth and bluegill. We caught a bunch of shad and went to fishing.

    We set up and dropped a couple lines down and fished with 3 rods out for a long time with no bites at all. My son was getting rather disappointed when suddenly his line takes off with the Baitrunner feature making plenty of noise. I grabbed it quick and set the hook and handed it to him. He reeled in his first big channel cat on it and it made his whole night. About a 6-7 LB cat and the only fish of the night.

    It was my first time on Dillon and I think I'll go back, we were marking alot of good fish but no takers.
  2. Smallmouth bass? At Dillon? Never heard of that? I know there are a lot of smaller largemouth there but never heard of ANY smallmouth there?? I'll have to ask around...

  3. Thanks for the report mushroomman, I was wondering how dillon fishing was going. One of my favorite lakes besides buckeye.
  4. NewbreedFishing

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    great way to break that new rod in....

    momma's dont let your babies grow up to be catboys :p
  5. misfit

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    smallmouth can be found thoughout the the licking river.
  6. Ðe§perado™

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    I fish out there quite a bit. If you got a boat try drifting for cats. You can have a lot of action doing it.
  7. Yeah I know I have fished them before. You can scout one day and see 1000 3-5 pounders and go back the next day and it will be a bunch of blue-gill there.
  8. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

    I know my Bass and it was a baby Smallmouth not a baby Largemouth, there is no reason to think they wouldn't be in there with the Licking River flowing into it. I was happy to see that little saugeye, may have to start fishing there more.
  9. fishnfool

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    There's walleye and saugeye and plenty of smallies, as the Licking forms it and has a little bit of everything especially smallmouth
  10. way to break that kid in Jeff, now you'll have a fishing buddy for life.we'll have to hook up and do some fishing there soon,bet that kid is still smilin!!:)
  11. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

    Now he wants me to go buy a cast net so we can catch shad and go catfishing again. He had as much fun helping my buddy with that cast net as he did catching the only fish of the night. I just got an old 14' semi v and as soon as I get it registered, trailer plates etc. I'll be over there often with him.
    I'd be happy if you and Misfit would show me around over there.
  12. not a problem,know a few good spots for smallies,saugeye and the monster cats that dwell there.
  13. Anyone ever here about any flatheads being caught in Dillion? I would think there would be some above the dam, but I've never caught one above the dam.
  14. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i think flatheads are a rare catch in the lake.i've heard of the occasional one over the years,but usually smaller fish.
  15. I catch adult (18-24") saugeye in my cast net at Dillon with some regularity. I haven't given the lake any serious saugeye effort for a few years but the bass guys I know do catch them.

    Do NOT fish the river channel, the beach area, or the headwaters; do NOT drift for channel cats on Dillon! These practices are all habit forming;) Maybe I'll see you out there Mushroom Man.