Dillon Falls

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  1. I am heading to Dillon Falls this weekend, and wanted to know if anyone here has any tips, lure suggestions, or general knowledge that would be helpful. I will be going there with my father in law, and just want to get him on some fish.

    We hit the spillway a couple of weeks ago, and had a little luck, a couple largemouths on jigs, bluegills and a cat on worms.

    Any local knowledge on the spillway or Dillon Falls would be appreciated.

  2. the spillway is slow right now except for channel cats at times ,dillon falls I have good luck on lime green twistertails with gold metal flakes,hope this helps ,and good luck

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    I just fished a couple places south of Dillon Falls. That large rock just on the South side of the bridge by the falls produced pretty well. I waded north of the rock to the eddy's created by one small fall (still south of the bridge) and caught several real nice channel cats on chicken liver.

    Further south there is a small pull off on the left side of the road ( if heading south) that is only big enough for one car. If you get out to the corner where there is a huge turn off or hit that factory by the railroad tracks, you went too far south. You go down over the hill and there is a pretty decent area to walk on land/rocks and cast. There is a small fall at the top and I caught quite a few channels. Liver about 1.5-2' under a bobber casted straight across to the opposite bank (if shaded - mostly mid day) and I let it drift til it was about 30 yards downstream.

    Have fun out there.