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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by sevenx, Jul 13, 2007.

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    I was wondering if any manufacturers still make a water proof camera. I have an Olympus water resistant camera, take's good pics, small and did not cost a fortune but it is not totally water proof. I know Sony used to make a sport video and 35mm camera that were submursible. We used to get some great shot of fish fighting underwater with the video and great landing shots with the 35mm. I have looked at the big box stores but have not checked camera specific stores. Just curious what you guys use or if you know of one that would fit into this catagory. S

    ps looked at some photos from a water proof throw away camera and they were suprizingly good quality. S
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    Many digital camera models have a waterproof case that can be bought to enable you to take underwater pictures.
    That might be a cheaper way to go.

  3. sevenx

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    Cool I did not know that . I assume a camera shop would be the place to go for betterd options and advice there are just not any near me that are easy to get to with limited time so I havent check it out. Thanks for the info
  4. My uncle had a hard plastic case made specifically for his digi. Had little extenders that pushed all the buttons. We were scuba diving in Islamorada and he was messin with the buttons when he accidentally opend the case and dropped the camera in the water. OOPS! If I remember correctly, though that case was like $150-200.
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    I recently bought my fiance this camera:

    And then as someone said, some manufacturers are making the accompanying underwater case. I like to stay with same manufacture for both in case it leaks/damages camera. They can't blame it on secondary market:

    Just thought I'd show this combo as an option - and yea- you don't have to get the camera in the 'pink' version! :D
  6. olympus makes one that is submersible too 33' i believe check the best buy ad i just saw it in there
  7. sevenx

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    Thanks guys, can you still get good photos through the bag type? I seems like it would distort a bit. I have an olympus right now but I don't think mine is submersible. It is water resistant, I will have to look at the new ones. S
  8. The bags work good as long as you aren't trying to focus on something close. If you try and focus on something close sometimes it will try and focus on the bag instead of the subject.

    If you want to see how your camera will do in a bag just put it inside a big ziplock and take a few pictures to see how they look. I DO NOT recommend using a ziplock under the water though!