Did you lose something this weekend

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Matt Hougan, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. This past Saturday, I took my little kids to Big Boppers for breakfast about 0700. When we pulled into the parking lot something caught my eye. I got out of my car and recovered something of value. I went inside and asked the two men there eating if they had lost something. They hadn't. If you lost something and can identify what it is I found I'll gladly return it to the rightful owner.
  2. freyedknot

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    yes , it was a foiles smh ,new in box. thanx.

  3. Ah, it seems my reputation preceeds me.............:) But no! Next!
  4. It's a limited edition #13 Honkerbonker Moneymaker in ivory and black...I need that back buddy....calling contest this weekend.
  5. You are welcome to use it if you want...............
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    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: maybe they finally found out where the "O" in your name went!!! Man thats awesome news! :)
  7. Not sure where big Bopper's is but in June 1969, during my first week at Goodyear-Akron, I lost my WVa U Inst. of Technology class ring in a restroom and have been hoping for all these years that it would somehow, miraculously, come back to me before my dirt nap! It cost me my last $200 or so and seemed real "valuable" at the time! It was gold with black onyx stone with Pi Kappa Phi in Greek letters on the stone. P-l-e-a-s-e say that's IT...............!!!
    If not, I won't be too miffed- I just got my first SS check in the mail today. (The illegals won't get this one!)
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    cj I picked that up in my detector years ago:) you never got it:)
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    Way to keep bussiness local at big boppers :) Good breakfast?

    Only thin I'm ticked I lost lately is my white light for my boat... I was a p.o.s. but worked... Dropped it in at indian :D if ya snag it lemme know ;)
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    mat read my signature and you might remember me from other places
  11. I saw it, but I can't stop looking and laughing at your avatar. You still visit GLW?
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    i keep reading this thread, i want someone to confirm so i can read what the mystery object is!!!
  13. Could it be my Janet Reno blow up doll ? :(
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    yes and o-dub too. i read your peace on your pro staff resignation and it was very well put. my best wishes in any new future ventures for you and your family.van
  15. was it my rug. man. it really tied the room together.
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    Oh.... you found that..... Didnt smoke all of it did you???

  17. I know it. I keep checking back and see there are new posts only to be dissappointed. I sure hope someone claims it. I know I'd miss it if it were mine. I'm sure it was a fisherman since they were up and had eaten and gone by the time I arrived at 0700. The cook said they saw someone in the lot looking around but he had left before I knew he was out there.

    If you know anyone that was out that way this past weekend you might ask them if they had lost some thing.

    As for Big Boppers breakfast, the food is great. I'm not wild about thier coffee and I love raisin toast with my eggs which they don't have. But thats not a complaint. It's a great local place and they serve breakfast all day! I'll be there this Saturday morning again for sure.
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    If you had a different blow-up doll maybe you wouldn't be "deadwood"
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    Broke up with my girl friend in collage and she tosed my class ring out the window of my car going 55 mph. Two weeks later the state highway worker called me and returned it. I bought him dinner for a reward.