Did well at Paint today

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by traphunter, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. traphunter

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    I hit paint today for awhile and caught a little mess of crappie. Nothing huge but some solid fish. I am going back tomorrow if anyone wants to hit it up.

  2. did you catch them near the bank, or on deep structure?

  3. traphunter

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    I was fishing from the bank. Trying to get some a picture up.
  4. Good looking mess of fish traphunter!! Did you get them on minnows or jigs?
  5. traphunter

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    Hey thanks. Got them all on jigs. Too cold this time of year for me to be sticking my hand down in a minnow bucket every 5 minits! :D
  6. Thats a super nice catch. That picture has got me jones'n to get out now for some crappie. I've been reading up on crappie, gearing up for the spring. I've read that the crappie get shallow when the water temp. gets to 50. Do you know what the water temp is there? For this time of the year I would've thought they would be holding deep.
  7. traphunter

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    I'm not sure on the water temp but I know it was pretty darn cold. I was fishing about 5ft. deep in 10-12 ft. water. I will be going back out tomorrow to the same spot, also trying a new spot that I got tipped off about by a friend. The crappie are calling your name better get out there!
  8. Sleprock

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    not to be preachy or start a rant but how you gonna clean them little suckers? do you gut them and cook them or try to fillet looks like a lot of work for a mouthful. nice catch though wish i could pull them out like that on a regular basis. any over 11"?
  9. traphunter

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    They were all between 8 and 12 inches, and all of them made a beautiful fillet. I let go all of the smaller ones and even some bigger ones. I would be all for length limits it they were ever proposed, but until then i dont think anyone on Paint is going to consistently catch a mess of crappie all over 11 inches.:)

    Went back out today and had an even better day then yesterday. Picture to come soon.
  10. traphunter

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    From today. I can already taste them.

  11. I'm guessing that was you today TrapHunter....over there by the campgrounds, standing by yourself along that cliff...right by that big rock....I went up in my dad's jon boat, down to low for my bass boat....Used your pattern and caught plenty of crappie(around 40-50), kept about 20 that were around 10-12"...Thanks for the info, it payed off!
  12. traphunter

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    did not see you I dont think but yes that was me and glad you caught some!
  13. I went up when that boat was real real close to you, I mean close....did you know them or was they just that rude to get like 10ft from you....I went back down and fished the ledges about 200yrds down the lake from where you were, across that cove....also caught 3 largemouth while crappie fishing, one was almost 3 lbs...fun on my lightweight with 2 lb test
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    No that stupid A$$ came right up next to me from across the lake and dropped anchor like 3 different times right where you saw him. I had already been there for around 2 hours. I thought it was funny though because i was catching fish with almost every cast, and I think i only saw them catch 3 fish between the two of them.

    What really made this guy stupid was about 30 minits after he got there, another man came walking along and started fishing from the bank down a little ways from where i was standing. The jerk in the boat starting yelling at this man and cussing him left and right because he said that he was to close to him!! I could not believe it!! This was the same man who had just practically dropped anchor right where i had been casting!!! What a freaking idiot!

    And then when he pulled away he gunned it right by the bank and threw water everywhere and left a big wake. I think he was mad that he had just been horribly out fished by me!!!
  15. traphunter

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    Oh yeah i caught 2 bass also, nothing close to 3lbs though. Good job.

    I also found a minnow trap that someone most have lost. It was right by the shore and had a little bass and a dead catfish in it. I threw it up on the bank because i didn't have room to carry it out. Might go back in the morning.
  16. You guys are make'n me sick w/ all these fish! I was gonna follow trap's advice yesterday and hit paint, but opted for the ironton strip mines instead. Didn't catch but 1 twelve inch bass in four hours. (what's worse is that I was supposed to go x-mas shopping for the lady yesterday--but w/ the nice weather there was no way I was going shopping!) I'll have to get to the mall today (Besides, its raining now.) If the weather straightens up, im heading to paint creek!