Did anyone watch the 2009 Bassmaster Classic

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  1. I was glued to my tv from 10-12 last night. Mike iaconelli is one crazy dude! Skeet Reese was the big winner in the end.
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    What an amazing finish! Iaconelli is hillarious...anyone watch him on that fishing inner cities show? good stuff. it was a reel close tourney with some beautiful fish caught!

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    Way to ruin it for us saps with TVO who have not seen it yet Ha!
    looked like some tough fishing & it looks like some of the guys who took that gamble to loch back fired
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    Check ESPN's schedule, I am sure they will replay it several times. Maybe on ESPN2 or ESPN Classic. As for those of you who have not seen it, why in the world would you even look at this thread if you didn't want to know any info? :p
  5. I watched it.... I went down to Lake Hartwell last year, and Pittsburgh in 05', but due to work being slow, and not being able to afford a vacation, had to watch it at home this year. Glad to see the Federation finally showed up.
  6. Glad to see Skeet win it, and not Ike.
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    I'm watching it right now even though I know who won.
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    i did, disappointed in the results. I cant stand Skeet Reese for some reason. Im a Boyd Duckett and Iaconelli fan. a good classic though.
  9. i died a little inside when ike lost but i like skeets new haircut haha
    when ike caught that last one before heading to wiegh in all i could think about was the 03 classic but congrats to skeet
  10. I watched most of it even though I knew Reese had won. Not a bad show, although the same clips were repeated too many times. I was glad Ike didn't win. He's obviously a good fisherman, but his antics are too obviously staged for the camera. Still, a good close contest in some tough weather conditions. Actually, I would have liked to see the unknown guy from South Dakota hang on for the victory.
  11. I just wanted to add: did anyone notice that Ohio's first Classic qualifier, Andy Sceurman of Newark, died Feb. 17. He was 68. He fished the 1973 and 1974 Classics.
  12. I watched. Too many commercials too little fishing. I'm just trying to say there were a lot more bass there than we got to see. I'd just like to see a few more of them caught, instead of a bunch of hype
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    Does anyone know when KVD was this goaround? Funny how most of the leaders are elite series as well.. when you're good, you're good. I liked watching the methods this year it seemed they varied more than the few past years. Also enjoy watchin the breakoffs, stip hooks, etc. Now that's a feeling I can relate to!
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    KVD missed the cut. He was in like 34th place. Said that the fish he caught in practice weren't there when it came down to tourney time.
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    KVD was 30th and yes he missed the cut. He only weighed in 4lb 4oz after day one and was obviously way in the back, 45th to be exact. Then day two he brought in 19lb 7oz and was able to move up to 30th. If you watched the coverage on Sunday he said he took a big chance about staying in pool 5 because he was planning on going to pool 4 and it backfired on day one.
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    Does anyone know what the comparable event for Walleye fishing would be to the Bassmaster Classic? I see the FLW tour on every now and again. I'd imagine they would have something on Erie this year.
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    "I Like Mike!"

    Yup, I do. He has helped change a lot of the stereotypes people have about fishermen. Yes, he is loud and obnoxious when he catches a fish. But I don't think it is an act. I think it is his true passion. You should see me sometimes, haha. I agree with OSU, he is very passionate and as nice as anyone can be in person. I watched a seminar of his, then talked to him for about 15 minutes, then he signed autographs until everyone got one, over an hour, then he talked to me for another half hour and just loved talking about fishing. I found him to be very genuine.

    I don't know, I guess some of us just feel like a 5 year old when we catch a big one. Skeet Reese did some pretty good screaming and carrying on of his own. And screaming did not help either of them win the Classic. They earned that. Nothing fake about doing that.