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Did anyone fish Nimi today?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Webman27, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. We went out on Nimi this morning and man did we struggle. Without the weed beds we had a miserable time finding any fish. We fished from about 6:30 till alost noon and the only thing we caught were some rays. I did see more fish busting the surface than I had ever seen before but couldn't get a hook in to what ever it was. I was just wondering if everyone else has been struggling there as well or if we just sucked :)
  2. OldSchool

    OldSchool Saved Fish

    We were on Nimi Saturday AM with about equal results. Had those fish busting the surface all around us but couldn’t get them (what ever they were) to pay attention to anything we could throw. :-(
    One bass and one cat… got off the lake early cause thing were just too slow and had some grass to mow.
    I sure do miss the mid-lake weed beds. Thought that I had some patterns that worked there last summer. Now I am a bit lost when it comes to unraveling the bass puzzle – no luck shallow; no luck deep; guess that it is happening somewhere in between.


  3. I was there sunday and actually had a decent day! Caught 7 bass and 3 cats on a mixed variety.
  4. Nice work Ill Be, you must have been running a pattern much better than we were. Did you fish the morning or the afternoon? Did you see all those fishing blowing up the surface? Any idea what that was all about? I don't know if it can get any more frustrating than not being able to catch a fish but seeing them jumping everywhere, especially out in deep water by the "Fishing Devices." Were you having your luck deep or shallow?
  5. Nine times out of ten the fish you see (or hear) busting the water at Nimi are gizzard shad. They're either eating, or trying to avoid being eaten. Some of them grow quite large...I've seen the resident ospreys catch ones well over a foot long. Big enough that the bird had to work extra hard to fly off with it.
  6. I was hoping it was something feeding on them but if it was they sure didn't want anything artificial. I also noticed that the majority of the activity was directly under the power lines, I didn't know if that had any impact on what was going on. There were definitely some decent size fishing blowing up.
  7. I've seen it happen all over that lake. It can drive a guy crazy. I've tried throwing topwater and rat-l-traps through them, but never had any luck either. But I think the shad population (and an abundance of highly varied cover) is why Nimi is able to hold so many large bass year-after-year.
  8. Do you think them killing all the weeds this year is going to hurt that? I am used to fishing the weeds in that lake and had trouble locating much deeper water structure and there didn't seem to be any fish shallow. I also just don't understand why they killed off the weeds, since it's electric only it's not like there are pleasure boaters out there so what was the point? I guess next time out I just need to spend some more time trying to indentify some better deep water cover.
  9. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Exactly...Bingo... Why in the world they did something as stupid as that on Nimi I'll never know. Someone mentioned that the state people at the district headquarters on Portage Lakes Drive claimed they didn't do it.
    Plus there are no rich whiners on Nimi like the rest of Portage Lakes.
    Sometimes people blow my mind with what they do or think.
  10. While the weed killing certainly won't help the lake's fishery, I'm not sure it will hurt it all that much. Nimi has a wide variety of both cover and structure. It may just require a change of tactics.
  11. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    as i am reading here for the first time with the weeds

    i allways had luck with cranks over 15-20 foot of water the bass like to suspend off the weed lines this time of year