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    Just wondering if anyone had any opinions about the Dicks around Columbus. I've only been to the one on Sawmill and it's fishing section seems a little small. Are the ones in Hillard or at Polaris any better? Are there any other good fishing stores in the NW part?
  2. Try Dublin's dicks... I think it has a little more fishing stuff the most of the others ones.

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    Dicks on Sawmill is decent, however during the winter I have found they cut way back on their stock. Not sure if Gander in Hilliard does the same, but they have a decent selection too.
  4. There is a Gander Mountain and Dicks in Hilliard, I havent been to the Dublin Dicks in a while but from what I understand the Hilliard store is much better stocked right now.
  5. It depends on what kind of lures you're looking for. Dicks and Gander Mountain have the same basic stock but they have different species specific lures. Gander usually restocks for the spring @ Feburary. ( Not sure about Dicks)
  6. Ventured over to Gander Mountain in Hilliard and was quite impressed. The selection of fishing tackle at Gander is better than what you'll find at any Dick's. MP
  7. Gander Mtn is a hunting & fishing store.
    Dick's is a sporting goods store with a fishing section.
    Galyan's Sporting Goods was the exception...before they got bought out by Dick's :(.
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    Im guessing there is some management issues at the Dicks on sawmill. There fishing department was honestly a joke. I think they had one husky jerk in the entire store, and it was brown/black. They also had one rouge in the entire store (not exaggerating). Basically every color of every brand of twister tail was sold out too.

    The dicks in Hilliard had am impressive line up of rapalas and rouge's. Along with a decent assortment of generic twister tails and jigheads.

    Gander far and away has a bigger and better stocked fishing section. However it is often difficult to find your "go to" lure in stock. Gander also stops stocking lures towards the end of August, so from September-March there shelves are virtually empty (except for the unwanted colors/cranks nobody wanted from the previous season).

    Neither of the stores offer a decent reel selection, although gander does have a nice selection of Rods.
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    I agree that fishing gear at all central Ohio Dick's or Gander Mtn. is pretty much a joke overall. Only time I go there is when I desperately need something that I know they have, and/or I have some kind of coupon. Cabelas and/or BPS gets the majority of my fishing business simply because they have what I want.
  10. Dick's is rather disappointing overall. Not much selection, any time of the year. If I need anything around here, I usually just go to Gander Mountain. I do however make the trip to Cabelas quite often, if there is something in particular I am looking for.
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    I live in NE Ohio and caught this thread and just had to add my two cents worth. Save some money and time off and make the trip up here to Land Big Fish. They advertise on this site. They also have just about as much as bass pro shops and 500 times what Gander has in stock. They are also less expensive than both of them. Check out their fall sale on Gambler lures. 50% off normal price. $1.89 each. The guys working there are tops also.
    Good luck.
    Good fishing
    don m
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    dmills, where exactly is Land Big Fish? I've heard of it,but I've never been there.

    I live in Marysville, so unfortunately for me, the closest BPS is a tad over 2 hours away and the closest Cabelas is just under 3 hours away. So I'm stuck with whatever is in the Columbus area. It looks like I'll be checking out Gander Mountain and the Hilliard Dick's come early springtime though.
  13. I've seen both Dick's and Gander slowly but surely downsize their fishing sections as far as the availabity of lure selections, among other things. Alot of what I throw now is mostly custom made compared to just a couple years ago. I agree on the Land Big Fish which you can order from their web site, and I would check online for other tackle companies that you won't see in alot of the stores. Warrior Baits makes good frogs, finesse worms and such, and there are some small companies out there that specialize in hardwood custom baits that are worth looking into. Most of these companies you can order either online or send into. Definetely worth checking out if you're looking for something other than the market "norm".
  14. From someone who used to work at galyan's I think Dick's is a joke. Galyan's worked hard to put experienced people in all departments, I've been to dick's in many different states with the same result-none of the salespeople know anything and even worse they don't give a **** if you buy anything or not. Nothing is ever priced right or on the right shelves, i've walked through the entire store with not one person saying hi or welcome to the store. My opinion is if you don't appreciate my business enough to smile and say hi, then piss off cause i'm not spending a dime in your store. Just my two cents...
  15. I worked at the Hilliard Gander PT for a few years and they do listen to the customer requests. True they do stop getting new baits in the fall and yes it is frustrating for all concerned. However they worked on getting a bigger selection of what people asked for during the years that I worked there. IE more musky baits, spoons, vibees and rouges. I no longer work there but I have shopped at Dick's also and had the same experience that Sporto did associates standing @ not even greeting me. I would take a look in Gander if you don't find what you want then let them know. My 2 cents
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    Fin Feather Fur in Ashland is still a drive but a heck of lot closer to you than either Basspro or Cabelas. Closer than LBF too.
  17. I will say this....wheeling cabelas is not worth the drive from central oh if you're expecting a wide selection of lures -- especially soft plastics. I did not see one bag of berkley power grubs/tails when I was there in early dec. They do love overstocking that Gulp! line though.
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    i have gave up on local sporting goods stores for fishing specific items. Now I just shop ahead of time and order stuff online. Bass Pro shops website has everything you can imagine, and you can order in all available colors/sizes. Finding a specific color at Dicks or Gander is nearly impossible. Those stores you're lucky to get three color choices per lure. Also try ebay for soft plastics. You can get a heck of a deal on ebay if you look
  19. i have found that from spending every dime of my availible money on bait that hilliard dicks has a good selection of crankbaits and a mediocre plastics section but a horrible section of terminal tackle and there line selection is minimal gander mountain on the othere hand has a mediocre selection of hardbaits..but an excelent selection of plastics and terminal tackle gander is my favorite simply b.c its a outdoor store and has stuff for my boat and it has a real good rod and reel selection. but if your looking for something special check tacklewarehouse.com it has honestly everything and you can check ebay for great deals on stuff.
  20. its buckeye outdoors or the fin for me they have a good selection of just about everything. but that might be my opinion.