Dick's Sporting Goods 50% sale

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  1. Starting Monday the 31st there will be certain clerance items on sale for 50% off the lowest ticketed price. These items should be down the main isle in the store. I'm sure they will be marked with ballons and signs. And starting the following monday these items will be 75% off. The items are things that have been in the stores system for a few years, so depending on how old the store is by you there might not be that much. The store i work at in Elyria there are a few rods and lures. Also will be good deals on winter coats too!
  2. So going to a newer store would be a waste of time??? the one closest to me is only a few months old, but there is a older one only a few miles away.

  3. Fishman

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    That's what he said, makes sense to me.
  4. :mad: Just got back from the Dick's in Niles (Mon 5PM) and they aren't having any sale. Their were a few clearance racks but they've been their for weeks and they were only about 10-20% off.
    Still used three $10.00 off $25.oo on $80.oo.
  5. no special sale in Mason.
  6. I went to the Elyria store that BarrelRoll works at...no tables, balloons, or sales that I saw.
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    nothing in boardman but the reg stuf.
  8. Since he works for them I thought I might verify to be sure before I wasted a trip.
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    thanks firemurph, you just saved me a trip in the morning. although i still got a 20% off all fishing tackel coupon.;)
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    Nothing happening at the Dick's at Easton either and I believe it was the first Dicks' in Columbus.
  11. Probably nothing happening in Dublin either.
  12. Sorry guys, just found out today that it is just for stores that have inventory. and we just had ours monday. We have a few racks up of clothing a table of hats, and the lodge has a small ficture of misc stuff on it.

    sorry about the confusion when i posted the thread i thought all stores were having this sale.
  13. NUM1FIRE


    dont all stores have inventory?
  14. each store has inventory at a different time, like when another company comes in a count/scans everything in the store. and corp will put aged inventory at a discounted price to try and move it out of the system
  15. lol I highly doubt that i'd be interested in any inventory that a store has that they haven't been able to sell in a couple years lol probably would be equivalent to a sale at odd lots, stuff you couldn't give away.
  16. Nothing @ Polaris.
  17. anyone try the canton store? or the one at chaple hill, or fairlawn all are close to me!

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    Got anymore of those coupons? ;)
  19. MLAROSA,
    the cupons are under the Dick's coupon thread in this forum.

    woops, just realized the thread is old and hasnt been bumped.

    Do a search for Dick's Coupon you should find them.
  20. I can't figure out how to post them or I would. I'll send you a PM with it as a doc file.