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DGI Bait and Tackle, Bridgeport, OH has now sponsored us for our Tuesday Nighters out of Rayland. We now have a $25.00 guarantee DGI Big Bass Pot and guaranteed 3 places with 1st and 2nd place now bumped up! Come down and join some great guys who just love Bass Fishing!

Where: Rayland Marina, Rayland , OHIO
Time: 5pm-Dark (Try to be Registered and launched by 4:45pm)
Cost: $12.00 per entry and a $4.00 Launch Fee

100% Payout with a $25.00 DGI Big Bass Pot

1st Place - $6.00 x # of entries
2nd Place - $4.00 x # of entries
3rd Place - $2.00 x # of entries

No Alcohol
No Live Bait
8oz deduction per dead fish
All livewells will be inspected
Main Rule: Just Have FUN !!!!!!!!!

Text Me or PM me for Info: 740-317-5660

DGI Bait and Tackle, Bridgeport, Ohio
Rayland Marina, Rayland,Ohio

We are also currently working with some other sponsors who have taken intrest in this Tuesday Nighter, hopefully more perks to come!
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