devol's run,,,anybody been there yet?

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by gotwipers, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Any one fishing at devola...if so how is the water? Is the point on the track side under water?
  2. You didn't see my post??? The water is high and muddy. A buddy and I caught 40+ each last week. Most were dinks. I'm going tomorrow with the boat to try to get to the biggins.

    We were on the tracks side and used waders to fish the mouth of the creek. Water has dopped some, and I still think they are in there. And yes I did catch some nice White Bass( 5 - 6 pounders)

    Good Luck!

  3. I didn't see the post sorry.... Well we had a good day today! Caught 70+ all nice size. Hybrids were on the small side but still a blast. Caught 2 that were only 2-3 lbs, but we absolutley killed the White's. Big ones at that! All of them were 11-13 inches, caught 4 nice largemouth (over 2 lbs), countless sauger, 2 walleye, 1 carp 8lb. 12 oz., crappie started turning on as we were leaving...3 real nice ones, one was 13-14 inch. Had a huge smallie follow my walleye assasin into the willows twice! The water is still a touch too high for my liking, but if we don't get any rain in the next few days it is gonna be awesome!! All of the big whites and hybrids came on a 1/8 oz. maribou jig. I did catcj one hybrid on the walleye assasin, threw mainly 1/8 oz. heads with bass assasin curly tail shad bodies for the remainder of the day. We fished the track side also, started at the wall and ended up on the a little wet, but it was well worth it Yes I forgot my waders of all things!!!!! Joey...I will pm you the next time we are headed your way maybe we can meet up.
  4. Fished Devols the last 2 days. Caught over 100 saugers. Only 5 keepers. Caught some nice hybrids. 4 in the 23'' to 25'' range. One was 27''. The hybrids looked like they were full of eggs????? Fished from my boat. using two 1/4oz. jigs, bouncing off the bottom in the swift water. We had a hell of a time getting those hybrids in to the boat!

    gotwipers- PM me the next time you are going to fish Devols. Maybe we can hook-up. I only live a few miles from the Dam.

    Good Luck!