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Devols Dam 06-13-07

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Big Joey, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Got into the channel cats at the Dam up on the Muskingum river. A buddy and me caught around 50 or so. Size was 2lb. to 12lb. Nice fish. We went back the next day and caught that many more. We fished out of a boat right up next to the white water were the under tow would take our chicken liver close to the Dam. We used 5lb. of liver.

    Good Luck!
  2. Pretty brave souls LOL. Congrats on the fish! Are channel cats part of the species list for the grand slam, or is it flatties? Is it a rock pile down there?

  3. Water is pretty low. 5-6ft close to the dam. We caught a few wipers too, on liver. The cats was the only thing hitting. We had allot of fun.
  4. is this the ohio river dam? Devola? I have heard about it but niot been to it. they say there is primitive camping there. is that true?
  5. woody, this is the Muskingum River that goes to the Ohio. The Dam is a few miles up from the Ohio.
    I think there is camping right above the Dam, on the Devola side(North). Don't know if they have hook-ups or not.
  6. I have been there once with a friend who has family in the area, I seen alot of guys drive dang near down to the water and spend the night fishing, seemed like a great way to fish(Im assuming they were after cats) but as a couple of them went to leave they were having trouble getting out as there cars were getting stuck in the mud, the bank didnt look bad, but as your car sits and sits there I guess it began to settle in the softer ground, that part didnt look like much fun.
  7. Smallmouth, that is a good place to fish at night for cats. You can stay there all night too. The water is so low, that people are driving over on the island. Most of the people are driving 4x4 and lately I haven't seen anyone get stuck.

    One more thing Smallmouth, do you know any Delande people that live in Hilliard area?????
  8. Thats crazy people going that far out, I thought they were brave to drive that close to the water before, my friend who has family down there its hard to get our work schedules together where we can make it down(but I want to) dont know any of the Delandes, Hilliard has alot of people for a burb, thats the big football family.
  9. Ohio Game&Fish has now rated this one of the premier areas in Southern Ohio for cats both Shuvelhead and Channel, will have to make it down a time or two before the summer ends even though Im nowhere close to being prepared for those big flatheads:)
  10. Did anyone do any good at the Dam this weekend???