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Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by r9ptbuck, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Has anyone heard if anything is going on at Devola??

    Thanks for the help...
  2. Thats what I'm trying to find out. when I called about it the person said she thought there was primitive camping at that dam. does anyone know if that is correct? since she was only a person behind a desk on a phone and had not been there she could only tell me what the books said (same as what is posted on the net). so any help would be appreciated. I was curious as if it was safe to take kids to fish there as well. this is the website and the number I called is on this site.

    Oh you know what..I just remembered we went there (I assume e found the right palce) and there was little fishing area, 1 pic nic table and I never found a camping area. maybe I went to wrong place?

  3. guys, there are no camp sites at devola. You can drive down to the river and camp, and it would be primitive for sure. you need to be on the railroad track side of the river, you will see the penninsula below the dam, probably 150 yds downstream. This time of year there are always people camping there.

    There is a campground about 1 mile down from the dam, if you put in at the park you will run right by it.
  4. 6-13-07 Got into the channel cats at the Dam up on the Muskingum river. A buddy and me caught around 50 or so. Size was 2lb. to 12lb. Nice fish. We went back the next day and caught that many more. We fished out of a boat right up next to the white water were the under tow would take our chicken liver close to the Dam. We used 5lb. of liver.

    Good Luck!