devils lake N.D. info

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  1. has anyone fished on this lake or know anything about it?
  2. Check this site I lived in Minot ND from 95-2000 and loved every minute of it. If you waterfowl hunt go in the fall and you can hunt the mornings and fish the afternoons. Devils lake has been flooding the past 10 years due to having no natural outlets. With that said it's hard to find spots that are consistant from year to year.

    There are hundreds of small lakes throughout the state with Walleye and pike. I used ice fish many of the smaller lakes withing 75 miles of Minot. Always caught good numbers of walleye, northern's and pearch.

    If I were going back I'd fish the Missouri river lakes. Problem is there aren't many places to stay other than campgrounds. And I don't know of any boat rentals on the lakes. So trailer your boat and camper! Fishing is big year round but depending on when you go will determine what you're most likely to catch. They have no closed season on walleye so spring is good for trophy fish my best was an ice out female 12 1/2 pounds. Throughout the year they averaged around 3 lbs.

    I could talk about that state all day singing the praises of it outdoors experiences. So if you have any particular questions fire away.

    MissingND FOR SURE!!!!!

  3. Ditto!! I grew up in North Dakota and its a great state for outdoors people! I still go back a few times a year, particularly to blow up the pheasants.

    Lake Sakakawea, Devil's Lake, the badlands....lots of great stuff going on up there!