Developing an old stripmine pond to stock with fish

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  1. Several years ago I began researching what I could do about an old stripmine pond on my property. I wanted to stock it with fish. There is no sign of any fish in there now. I questioned if the water quality was good enough. Surly if it is, there would already be fish. I live in Ohio. Long story short, after attempting to get help from O.D.N.R., the county extension agency, division of soil and water conservation and on, and on, and on.....these agencies are all worthless when it comes to even getting them to call you back. After 2 years of asking for help and researching everything I could I finely got answers.

    There are no fish because of winter kill. Very fixable by just adding a bubbler. Second, I got the water tested for free from Fender fish farm in Baltic Ohio. Steve Fender is a wonder, helpful guy that has forgotten more about pond health and raising fish them most people will ever know. He tested the water. Found that it is not only about perfect for fish life, but was very impressed that he found Zooplankton in the water. That is the almost bottom of the food chain for fish. Young fry start out life eating zooplankton. I will be stocking my pond in early spring!
  2. That is very cool. You will have to keep is posted with the progress.
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    Welcome to OGF!!! Best of luck with your pond stocking!!!
  4. Welcome to OGF! I'm surprised that a winter kill would kill all of the fish. Would think a small population would survive at least. I would love to have a pond to stock from scratch! Looks like you'll need to do more research into what to stock now. There is another forum on this site for pond management that will be helpful. Those state and county agencies are not very helpful for ponds. They just don't have the knowledge base that fish farms and pond management companies have.
  5. Thanks for the comments. [​IMG] [​IMG] I thought I would post a picture of my old stripmine pond.
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  6. Ok, here is another post so I can post pictures!
  7. I spoke with Steve from Fenders Fish Hatchery. They over the perfect "package" for ponds. They have various size packages for various size ponds. It is a mix of Bass, Bluegill, hybread Bluegill, perch and sunfish. Along with some minnows to feed the bass and a couple of grass carp to help with vegetation. I think that is how I will start out.
  8. Sound like you are rolling now...How big is the pond? How deep?
  9. Got pics of the pond?
  10. See post #5
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    Looks like a nice pond. Was wondering how deep it is. Some strip mine ponds are deep. If it it deep enough I do not see how there would be winter fish kill.