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  1. I was just in at Lowes, Home Depot, and 2 seperate Walmarts here in Columbus and none of them have Devcon on the shelves any more! All of them have gone 100% to Locktite.:mad:

    I checked if there were any empty spaces for the Devcon to be re-stocked at Wal-Mart, Home Depot. There's no Devcon labels on the shelf stickers awaiting product-so it sounds like they are done carrying one of our favorites.
  2. I saw the same thing in the Walmart near my house...

  3. Sounds like a good reason for a boycott :) That's pretty serious stuff in our world. LoL.
  4. Guys D2T is still available everywhere, it is just that Wal-mart isn't carrying it anymore, and you probably won't get it for $2. I heard the Harbour Freight has it for $2.59, however I can't confirm that. Here is a link to locate D2T in your area. I got this link from anoher site. just type in your zip code in the upper corner and it will give you your listing. Also I'm in the process of going to try e-tex lite. I'll see how that goes.
  5. must not be made in China,,,they probably don't sell anything that is not maid in China
  6. The Great 2009 Devcon 2 Ton Panic. Its an insidious epidemic that strikes panic in the hearts of all bait maniacs.:p
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    I found some at Harbor Freight in Akron. Also ordered some from this place:
    TIGGER posted the link for this first and I'm glad he did. Got my order pretty quickly and the price was OK.

  8. I've found a couple at Harbor Freight as well, but when I asked the sales associate she said that was all they had. So I checked the product number online, and it wasn't found. So I called customer service and the guy said it was discontinued there as well. Just what i heard, from HF customer service.