Detroit River and Lake Erie?

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  1. Looking for any help advice on the Detroit River fishing in late March? Tips baits tactics etc!!! Also does any one fish the Detroit River mouth or out in the lake for pre stage fishing at the end of March. Trolling Jigging again best baits and tactics to use??? Not new to walleye fishing-
    Just new to this specific areas mentioned

    Thanx Mike
  2. Lazyeye, my boat is always ready by the last weekend in March. I live in Monroe, Mi, 3 blocks from the lake. The big thing fishing this early is the weather. If March is mild weatherwise and we get light winds and clear water then I put in at Bolles Harbor and head south toward Luna Pier. Some of my biggest walleyes have been caught slow trolling Thunderstick Jr's in natural colors the last week of March, and the first two weeks of April. The nice thing is there are very few boats at this time of the year. Also you can catch males jigging over by Turtle Island and Toledo Light this early too. I usually start trolling around day break for a few hours, and if conditions are right I head over to Turtle and jig for a few hours too. If I'm catching walleyes trolling then I usually just keep trolling. Slow trolling at just under 1 mph. Anything faster and your chances at a true trophy diminish. I've never fished the Detroit River that early but my Brother-in-Law does. Its definetly not a numbers game the last of March, but the ones you do catch are usually real big. The river heats up around April 7th as far as catching a trophy fish, and you have about a 10 day window. The numbers will pick up considerable, but the females will head back to the lake and the chance for a big fish over 10lbs will just about be over. Yes they do catch big fish after the 15th of April, but not that many. We just vertical jig the river, but handliners catch their share also. Handlining is a technique that I have never tried but it probably catches more walleyes on the river then any other technique. Hope this helps, Tom

  3. Tom, Thanks for the info much appreciated!!! Do you think there is any success to be had slowing trolling the mouth of the Detroit, and out from there into the lake for pre spawn wallys?

  4. Mike, to be honest I've never really fished that area the last of March. I've jigged as far south past Celeron and even Horse Island in early April, and that area is considered the mouth of Lake Erie. I just have never trolled the area with cranks or crawler harnesses. Very seldom do I see boats trolling the mouth out to the lake itself that early. Doesn't mean you wouldn't catch them, but there is less current there and the bottom isn't rocky and the walleyes are coming into the river to spawn, so that area doesn't seem to produce. Seems like you could intercept them as they head to the river, but since I know where I have a good oppurtunity to catch big fish trolling way south on the lake and its an area that produces year after year when the conditions are right I just haven't tried the mouth of the river. Plus if you get a south wind, the area down by Luna Pier is real fishable, but the mouth of the river will be kicking pretty good. If you try it, let us know how you do. Maybe I've been missing out on some better fishing. Tom
  5. Tom Thanx again!
    5 or 6 years ago in late spring I seen a boat come in with a cooler full of walleye, I am assuming they were targeting post spawn fish, they were slow trolling Erie Rebels believe it or not, near the mouth of the Detroit----The fish must have been high in the water column because those baits do not dive that deep----We were jigging in the river and only caught a few. I'll be fishing a tourney 3/29/09 based out of the Detroit River----I have seen posts from passed years and do not feel this early in the season the river it self is gonna be that productive----I really wish I new if the mouth and beyond produced or not------We can go to the areas you mentioned even launch there but that cuts down on actual fishing time since we would have to drive vehicle boat and trailer to weigh in. Also we will be in an 18 ft boat and weather this time of year is a concern. Not sure of our game plan yet. May roll the dice and try the mouth and beyond---Weather rules the game of course.
  6. Have you ever tried at the candy cane smoke stacks? That area holds fish, even early in the year.
  7. Yes we have with limited success but not recently----3/29 ---Is a bit early to catch quantity. Sure fish can be caught but looking for many rather than a few piggys----From what I have researched last year was not good in the Detroit so hopefully it will be better this year-----One way or another we will be out there but really hoping we can hit the lake and get results---Rather than fighting the river and searching. Will post an update to this saga---lol---Thanx for the info!!!
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    Lazy Eye. Happy to help out anyway we can. Will be fishing the river as early as this Sunday. You can catch fish south of the mouth from now until June. There are fish coming into the river and heading out of the river for almost three solid months, however the big fish are gone by late April. Crankbaits (Reef Runners) early and crawler harnesses once you hit late April / early May. Best area is the dumping grounds in front of the banana dike. We are trolling the lake while everyone else is jigging the river. Lake Erie Metro Park is the best launch - 10 minutes to the best area and if the lake is too rough just turn left and fish the river. Can give you waypoints just PM us.

    Here is a link to our Detroit River updates page:
  9. Walleye Kid, Thanx for the info-----Looks like our first trip is gonna be a Reef Runner trip!!! I would like to say that is a very impressive site you have, very informative. Will look for ya when we are out there on the 3/29!!!
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    Great. Send us an e-mail with the details of your trip, contact info etc. If were out before that we can give you the latest info on the bite.