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  1. Going to be in Destin the week of May 10th/17th How is the surf fishing there? Do the bait fish cruise the shoreline in the mornin ? Also plan on a party boat day of fishing need help there to. Thanks for your help.
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  3. Tom,

    I was there last year the same week that you'll be there this year. I actually didn't stay in Destin, but to the west in Fort Walton Beach which is only a couple miles from Destin. Here's a fishing link of a fishing Pier that you can fish off of there in Fort Walton Beach.

  4. I fished the pier and took a head boat out two years ago in november. The head boat offices were all grouped together. $50 for 8 hrs is what i paid. Get there early and pick your spot on the boat first! I got lucky a found a pole near the bow to give me plenty of room to manuver. The surf fishing was tough for me (never did it till then) The place called the "jetties" was were I was told to go. (wasnt brave enough to crawl out on those rocks tho) Then tried the pier. Fished a couple hours with nothing to show for. but it was fun to see all the schools come in! Great experience even with no fish caught.
  5. I was on that pier once fishing with my brother who worked on the air force base near there. A school of Spanish Mackeral was hanging around the pier and could not go anywhere because about 100 yards off shore was a school of dolphin feeding on them. We probably caught 15-20 spanish mackeral in less than an hour. If I remember right the lure was called a "gotcha" and it was nothing more than what looked like a chrome pencil with a red head and two treble hooks. It was all that anyone on the pier was using so they must work.

  6. I used to live in Palm Harbor, just north of Destin, My suggestion would be Reddington Long Pier, about half way out the pier is a sign where the coral stops and the sand begins, if you fish with essentially a drop shot right on that edge with crab meat or live grunts, I used to catch a ton of monster reds and snook there at night, there is also some great inter-coastal waterway fishing in that area. The crystal river is just north of there if your looking for some freshwater while your there. There is also a good charter that runs out of St. Petersburg its located in one of the "tourist traps" centers, I can't remember the name of it but when I get home I have all their info still as well as some pics of big snappers and groupers which is primarily what that charter is for, but my suggestion would be night fishing reddington long pier, it's family friendly and that place produces like no other pier in the state. As far as bait fish, small gold hooks, and small pieces of squid, with small weight, no float, fish around any of the boat docks on the inter-coastal side, there are plenty that are not private property, just drive around a bit to find one, will catch a ton of "grunts" "pinfish" etc.. all great snook and redfish baits.
  7. I have been on the Swoop party boat multiple times and have caught many fish each trip. The crew is great and the price can not be beat. Their website also has a coupon for $5 off the trip. I have taken the 6hr trip each time, which is about 2 hrs total travel time and about 4 hrs of fishing.

    Have fun!
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    Ahhh Destin, that is my favorite place in the US ive ever been. 4 years ago I was down there in Fort Walton (cheaper hotels back then), I surf fished and killed the Amberjacks (thats what I was told they were) Was using bottom rigs with cut squid and had 2 on every time I casted out all were around 2-4lbs , caught so many in a half hour that I was wore out and gave up. Also fished on that Okaloosa Pier, that was a great night.... got drunk with Bubba Sparxx and caught what looked like channel cats all night, not much size but entertaining while drinking a few cold ones, haa thats even the night my daughter was conceived. Alot of guy's were trying for mackerel with the gotcha lures, but they wernt landing many. Also a few sharkers at the end. That is such a beautiful place with the softest white sand in the world, and crystal clear water. I haven't been able to make it back yet...... I think you just gave me a use for that stimulus check:)
  9. Destin Fla that out in the panhandle of fla?
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    How'd ya do? I'm heading down to Rosemary Beach (20 mi east of Destin) Friday. Will be mostly surf fishing. Any tips woud be much appreciated.