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Destin, FL last week

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by Onion, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Was in Destin for the week and did a lot of fishing. Fished just about every morning and evening from the beach and hooked up on a ton of ladyfish. We only landed about 15 but honestly we hooked 5 times that many, they threw our spoons almost everytime they jumped. Fun stuff.

    Also went out on a charter on Thursday for some bottom fishing. We caught a lot of amberjacks which made for some sore arms then moved on to fishing for red snapper. We limited out on snapper and headed in, but not before the captain hooked up a 25#+ blackfin tuna which tried like heck to rip the arms off one of the guys on the boat who was lucky enough to be there when the captain handed off the rod.

    All in all a great time.
  2. culprit

    culprit Culprit

    We were there the last week in August,had a blast off the pier in Panama City Beach with the ladyfish,trying for Spanish Mackerel which we slayed last year.Only managed 1 this year though.What charter did you use when you went out?Looking forward to a charter or headboat trip next year.Unfortunatley the gang I go with every year all get motion sickness & won't even consider a trip.
    I'm just hoping the damage from Ivan is not as bad as it looks.Waiting for relatives to get back to PCB for a report,they evacuated to Alabama & had to evacuate Alabama to Tennesee.