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    I just saw this forum on here and wanted to let anyone know if you need anything designed feel free to ask. I also work for a screen printing shop and can get you things (t-shirts, hats, anything that can be screen printed or embroidered) for near cost as I'll eliminate the middle man. The company also ships anywhere.

    Send me a PM if you need anything!

    Just a quick note as I've got a few inquiries...when ordering shirts, the smaller quantity you get, the more they will be. This is because each color has to have it's own screen. Where I work, we charge $20 a screen. If you order one 4-color shirt, it's going to rack you around $85, where if you ordered 100 4-color shirts, it would be around $5-6 a shirt.
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    you ought to contact Shakedown if you are still in the business