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  1. WBSA is pleased to announce that in the near future we will be responsible for keeping Dean Clifton's "Fishing reports and info pages" up to date and close to their original format. Dean has sold his summer home, is showing his boat and is ready to lead a life of adventure traveling across America! We will strive to maintain the integrity and honesty of his original site at its new location:

    Travis Hartman will be the main actor in this transition and will take reports from Deans existing trusted sources and building on that. The Erie info email address will be posted on the website as soon as it is established.

    We wish Dean and his wife Sue the best of everything for the future! Have fun and stop in to see us once in a while if you have a wireless connection around!
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    Those are TOUGH shoes to fill, but I don't think he could've picked a better organization to handle the task.

    Best of luck to Dean and the WBSA on their new endeavors.

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    Travis Hartman/WBSA, Thanks for taking on this task! It is obvious that alot of people appreciate everything Dean has done in the past. I'm sure you'll do a great job.

    Good Luck Dean! And have FUN!

  4. This is a true testament to the impact that Dean had on the Erie fishermen to have an organization opt to keep his legacy intact. Although I am not what you would call an Erie guy I still very much enjoyed Dean's site so I can only imagine how others more closely involved feel. Good move WBSA!

    Also, safe travels to Dean and his wife. You deserve a very extended vacation after all that you contributed to the fishermen.
  5. Great announcement Marc. I'm sure those involved will do the same professional job of maintaining the site as they have done with the WBSA Club. :)