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  1. going to sell a comp i bought rid of most thing but how do i delete the "drop down" menu under the address bar??? the thing that shows past searches as you type a new addy.... and what else should i delete before selling???? thanks in adv.!!
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    I use mozilla as my browser, you can clear your browser history by going to the tools section at the top of the page and clicking clear private data, im sure internet explorer has something similar. you can get into your computers program files (all the programs you installed are here) by going to the start menu, then to where it says computer then find the local disk (c) drive. i would delete all the programs you installed.

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    you would want to destroy your hard drive completely if you have personal info on it like banking, taxes,etc,etc. that is the only way to be sure it will never be retrieved for use.
  4. thats whay i was thinking...i have all the install discs that came with it gust not sure how to do it...i could call the guy that worked on it before but there goes another $50!!!
  5. Well worth $50...if it gets into the hands of a real wedge head, he will pull up any username and password you have ever entered and any other data including your address phone, birthday etc...
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    i mean take out the harddrive and destroy it with ATF or a hammer will do. even the so called scrubber programs will not be effecient for a geek .
  7. is that standard when selling a used comp??? see them for sale all the time and never saw one advertized with no hard drive?????sounds like it wont be worth "the box its in" after that!!!!
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    There are programs out there that will overwrite empty space with gibberish eliminating the possibility of recovery of deleted data. If you have concerns regarding possible remnants of data being recovered use one of those programs.
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    Use the Recovery disc that came with your computer.Follow the instructions.If it gives you the option to format you disc go for it.Than reinstall the operating system as per the instructions on the recovery disc.
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    a news channel here in cleveland did a story on those used pc's and contacted the people that had them . they had all their info from taxes and online banking. i guess you could use a program scrubber to get rid of sensative info.