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  1. Hit the lake today and caught more Crappie than I can count. To bad most of them were 8 - 8 1/2 ". Did manage to bring home 15 keepers, biggest probably 11 ". It was a great day out, thought we might get rained out, but great weather all day. Delaware seems to be off this year with the bigger fish. Will have to try Alum next time. Which lake is everyone else doing better at ?
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    According to the results of the OGF Crappie Open a few weeks back Delaware resevoir is loaded with big slabs. The Buckeye Crappie Challenge circuit fished it one week later and didn't have quite as much success, but they fished post cold-front and the winners still put together a nice limit of big slabs(12-13" fish). I think Alum was slightly better than Delaware last year, but from my experiences this year, they are about even now. They both produce a lot of nice fish, Alum might have more, but it's bigger so they could be harder to find at times.


  3. They had bigger weight weighed in at the Buckeye Crappie Challenge then the OGF crittergitter... The BCC only weighs in 8 fish...So there average weight per fish was bigger....

    I agree though that Delaware is OFF this year compared to past for big crappie...