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  1. Thought I’d give some love to Delaware in its own thread. Going camping this weekend. Any ideas for saugeye in Delaware?

    Kids and I were trolling with Arkie’s last weekend in Delaware and caught a few crappie and some white bass in about 11-13 foot of water. I also heard the crappie were tucked in some brush near the banks as well. It’s easier to troll with the kids.

    Let me know on the saugeye if anyone has any ideas for Delaware.


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    Everything that I've heard says that they haven't stocked Delaware in years. They do Alum though, which real close.

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    Brahmabull71 I don’t exaggerate…I just remember BIG!

    No saugeye in Delaware anymore so don’t waste you’re time. If you want to troll and have some fun, use the same baits you mentioned and troll the channel edges for crappie as you did. Bandit 300’s off a 3’ leader and a Rapala J5 or floater off a 2’ leader on a 3 way swivel. Try 45-55’ back and tune from there. Also double jig rigs with 1/16oz on the top and 1/8oz on the bottom or off a dropper three-way rig. With jigs, run .8 - 1.1 off the edges of the channel and brush. Sounds like you are targeting the right depth of water...11-13’.

    Good luck!
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  4. Sounds great, thanks Guys!!! Bummer about the saugeye though.

  5. Haven’t caught one in Delaware in probably 6-8 years. It’s a shame too cuz the whetstone runs through my backyard and they used to come up in the spring.