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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Lucky Bass, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. Hey All,
    FIshed Delaware this weekend. Started off fishing for crappie. Fished shallow and deep with jigs, spinners, and road runners, but no luck. Started to crank the windy shoreline to see if any saugeyes were luck. Lastly started flippin' some of the wood to see if any bass were around. I got one bite from a BIG fish but he had me handcuffed and I didn't get a good hookset and he came off (ouch). All and all just nice to get out but next time hope to get some fish smell on the hands......

  2. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Right on Norm. I usually crappie fish Delaware early season like this, and it's a definite hit or miss. While you were there, I was down the road at Alum getting no hits as well...rough day, windy!

  3. Ha yea it was a real windy day and the water was muddy as expected. Have to say that it makes me feel a little better knowing that I wasn't the only one struggling.

  4. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    You and me both. hehehe!
  5. EDD


    any one know of a bass tourn on april 4 at delaware