Delaware Spillway

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  1. Anyone hit the spillway at delaware lately, and if so any luck???
  2. Went to spillway this evening 1/27/09 for about an hour. Water low only one gate open no fish no bites.

  3. Will take a big snow melt to get things going down there.
  4. when is best time to fish there? When water is flowing(2 or 3 gates open) or a few days after a big flow. Any info will help
  5. Well those are good questions. Answer is good time to fish is both. When water is high seems to congregate them thru-out fast water and in the hole they can be caught but it is not a fast and furious thing. Not really many saugeyes in Delaware with a very sparse amount dumped into there every year. After water slows to a couple shoots it can be real good again but you still got to move around and try the holes and the shallower water areas sometimes they lay in current behind the rocks or small depressions waiting for baitfish going by. Use double 1/16th ounce jigs and keep bottom one ticking bottom most hits will be on the top jig. Go to a heavier bottom jig if need be to keep it down on bottom. Good Luck and do not get discouraged fishing Delaware spillway as said not a ton of fish there but many nice ones still swimming in those waters!!;)
  6. Here is the way I look at Delaware; I would rather try Hoover, Alum or even Indian... then at last resort head over to Delaware. Slim is right, Definitely not fast and furious. A lot of guys tight line channels down there and they have success... but for me, the other options are better.
    Question I always have about Delaware is; when was the last time anyone caught a saugeye above the dam??
  7. Thanks for the answers guys. Delaware is close for me so if I only have a short time to fish I can hop over there for an hour or so. If I have more time then I like to fish Deer Creek or Indian. Going to Deer Creek saturday.