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    i went to delaware yesterday evening (4/13) i got to my spot, (i was fishing from bank) at about six thirty. first fish that i caught was about an 8 inch lg mouth. about ten minutes after that i caught a 13 inch crappie. from six thirty until 8:30 i caught over 40 crappie, it was a mix of black and white. i ended up leaving because i couldn't see any more but they were still biting pretty good to . most of them were white but i did manage between 10 and 15 blacks. it seemed like the blacks started to bite better as it got closer to dark. i wish i would have had my lantern i could have caught way more. i was by myself too no one wanted to go out in the cold with me lol oh well more fun for me. i couldn't keep both of my poles in the water it was so fast. i actually ended up just using one pole that wa y i could actually smoke a cigarette. all in all i eneded up with 26 in the basket that were over 11" and 8 of those were over 13" nice and fat. the bite is on boys.:) :) :B
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    thats what I like to hear. Im ready to have a day off and get to the water. oh yea good job!!