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Delaware or Hargus?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by DrChip, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. I'm new to the forum, and new to fishing in Ohio. Actually, I'm just getting back into fishing after a 10 year hiatus. My prior fishing experience has been mostly for largemouth bass in the rivers and lakes on the Delmarva Peninsula (Delaware and Maryland, mostly). That sort of fishing is primarily banging at the shoreline with plastic baits, cranks and spinnerbaits -- most lakes there have maximum depths of 6-12 feet so there really isn't much to do except throw at visible cover (e.g., downed logs, lilly pads).

    Anyhow, I've hit Alum Creek Lake a couple times, hitting the coves using the tactics I'm used to. After reading this forum, I'm not surprised I've had little luck -- seems like this time of year out here it's deep water fishing. :(

    So, I'm thinking of going out tomorrow morning on the boat. I was thinking of Delaware Lake or Hargus Lake, thinking those areas would offer fishing more of the type I'm used to. Any input or suggestions? Am I just stuck fishing deep water for largemouths this time of year out here?

    Thanks in advance...
  2. This weather + time of year, you better stay with the deep diving crankbaits on the points in 14 to 20+ fow.for a little while longer. I think that is the most consistant pattern. Spinner baits also could be a possibility. I would try Hoover over the two lakes you mentioned if you are talking bassen. IMO. Good Luck :)

  3. I fished Hoover the last 2 days pretty hard. I caught several bass both LM & SM, the largest was 18.5" LM and lots of small ones. I fished the points from 5' to 20' with a small blade bait. I also caught several channel cats on the same lure. The largest was 26", it was a great fight but the 8.9lb carp had my knees shaking till I seen it. I caught 8 different kinds of fish on the same lure!!! The mornings and evenings are best.
  4. CreekFloater

    CreekFloater Have Water, Will Fish

    Hey DrChip: I just fished Hargus on Monday morning. As usual, it is a place where I have to fish hard to catch anything substantial. Managed to catch several small lm's, but this lake has alot of grass/weed beds, plenty of places for fish to hide. Patience, hitting small openings in the weeds has worked for me. I ave managed over the years to catch a few good size fish, but more often than not, only small ones. Also, during the warmer weather, this place gets alot of picnic fisherman and rental boats banging around, often times very close to you. Good Luck
  5. I am not going to provide any help to DrChip but rather pose a question that I would like more insight on and perhaps it will help DrChip as well. Most of my bass fishing experience ober the years has been like DrChip mentioned, shallow fishing to visible structure. I know I hear of many methods for fishing bass in deep water but I have not gained much confidence as of yet. I have owned my boat for a couple of years now and prior to that it was shore fishing and quarry fishing in a small boat. But now that I have a boat complete with electronics and trolling motor, etc, I still feel lost when it comes to locating the bass in deep water.

    What are some of the things that you consider when choosing a spot to target for deep water presentation? I imagine that you look for points, humps, etc? Is most of this done by electronics? And do you fish vertically for these fish often times or are you doing long range casting? Mostly what I have done is try to target an area with tube jigs or Carolina-rigged rubber worm. Again my results with this method have been less than expectations so I begin to lose confidence. When using cranks on deep water do you use the kneel and reel technique to get the lures deep or do you add weights? Again most of my crankbait experience with bass has been in the 0-8 foot depth range. Could anybody offer up any advice?

    Thanks in advance!
  6. Deep running "Poes" 400 series crankbaits will get you down there. I have saved a lot of money by getting them on eBay. It's fun. :) Good Luck Brian
  7. Hey Creekfloater we need to get together at Hargus sometime, I always get skunked there. I have caught a few small bass and can get some crappie in the fall but other than that it just sucks!
    By the way I think I saw you last week at the game keeping stats. Was that you walking behind the bench with some kind of palm pilot? I had been looking for someone with a big clipboard keeping stats, guess things have changed since i played;) I was going to introduce myself but you looked busy.
  8. CreekFloater

    CreekFloater Have Water, Will Fish

    Yes Twistertail, that is me prowling the sidelines with my technology. This is the 2nd year I have done the game stats with a palm pilot. Much better than the old way, as long as everything works. As far as going to Hargus, sounds great to me. Now that it is getting cooler the picnicers will be less and less, some of the weeds will start to recede and the fish will have less places to hide. Give me a yell at the ballgame if you see me. This week is at roundtown playing the Tigers.
  9. Let me know if either of you guys are going to hargus. I can catch fish in the spring, pre spawn but after that not much luck

    I'm about 5 minutes away
  10. Hey Jim I will be at the game on Friday, hope they do better than last week:mad: You know much about Circleville, if they are very good this year? I will try to get with ya before the game starts and maybe we can line something up for next week.
  11. CreekFloater

    CreekFloater Have Water, Will Fish

    Sounds good to me Shane! See you Friday nite. As always, throw out the records! Circleville will be their normal physical self and we will try to be a little more of that this week. Just like you would like it to be. The Tigers have a very good back and a tight end who is recieving some looks from schools. Should be a good game. Polesnatcher also said something about getting together at Hargus. My boat is big enough we could all three hit it one evening. Maybe we can go out and try something new and different at catch some fish. Ha! We'll talk more Friday and then let Polesnatcher know. Go Mustangs
  12. Sounds good to me Jim.

    Cant wait for the game, Circleville and Westfall is always a big one. It was 10 years ago this year that they beat the crap of us my senior year, I hope for a little pay back!;) The 2 games I remember most, double over time victory against Paint Valley for the SVC title the last game of my senior year and getting spanked by C-Ville my senior year, wish I had that one back;) At least we beat them the year before the first time that we ever played each other. I would love to see some pounding the ball up the middle and just run them over. I love seeing them big lineman get in there and get to fire off the ball and pancake some people instead of just pass blocking, man I hated pass blocking well I dont mean that I hated it because I loved being on the field but I like run blocking a whole lot more. I would like to see that big center get rolling down the field and lay some people out. I'll look for ya tomorrow. GO MUSTANGS!
  13. Just heard the game start from my house. Was out working on the mustang, then got tierd of that and came in here. I'm good just about any evening except mondays and wednesdays when I have class. Get off work by 6:15 and can be at hargus 6:30ish

    let me know guys, had some good spots in spring time but summer I hardly fish hargus, usually going for cats at deer creek or fishing ponds