Delaware - No Wake?

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    I been on Delaware Lake a few times and never seen the entire lake. I didn't know there was a No Wake Zone up north....nothing on my ODNR map. Where is it generally located?
    Also does it get to shallow for a Deep-V boat up in the creek? Also is there any good cover for crappie in the creek or as far as the bridge? I plan on fishing it again before to long and maybe explore it a bit more.
    Also are there any color or lure that works good on the lake.
    Any help would be great.
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    The last time I was out there the buoys were not up yet on the North end. I would advise not going up there with a bigger boat. It is only 1-3 ft deep across the entire north end, but I have still seen people running on a plane across there. Its not for me. I have only done well on the crappie in the spring up there.


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    The no wake zone starts around the island that is just south of the split in the creek. The left (west) side of the split is certainly deeper than the right (east). Generally if you stay to the left bank of the left split it is 6 to 8 fow, with some deeper areas that have wood on points. Minnows and chartreuse with silver flakes tend to work pretty good ;) Good luck, let us know how you do.
  4. If you have a shallow draft boat you can make it up past the bridge, the other day i went all the way up and it averaged 2 feet until i was able to find the river channel. This time of year i wouldn't waste my time going up the river, only earlier in the spring. The other day i was out i was able to find every species of fish in about 3-4 feet of water, the next day i was out i had to go to about 12-14 feet of water to find the crappies. Like they said chart. and any minnow combination should produce for you.
  5. When I used to live in Delaware, I frequently took my 14 foot v hull up the left fork (Olentangy) past 229 up to the low head dam at Waldo. I would only attempt it when the lake was at full pool. Lots of great crappie action up there.
  6. A great lure is a road runner jig head and a white or chartreuse twister tail tipped with a minnow slow cranked with a small bobber about 10 inches from the jig AMAZING in summertime in any part of the lake and you will pick up some nice rock and largemouths on it as well.
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    Facing north, the left fork is the Olentangy and the right fork is Whetstone Creek. The trick to Whetstone is staying in the old channel if you can't clear the wide mud flats. Sometimes when the lake is very low and you cross on Rt 229 you can clearly see the old meandering channel, right down to the remaining stumps of the streamside trees.

    Look at this 1944 topo map (save it on your computer and look at it at 100%) and you can see what was there before the lake.
  8. Great Topo Map, FOSR!