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Delaware Lake

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by PoleSnatcher, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. Seeing taht the crappie tourny is going to be on Delaware, could someone please post some information about this lake, please.

    Tried downloading a map and my computer is being stupied

    How deep is the lake, HP? and anything else you could post would be helpful

  2. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Pole we'll get that info to you.

  3. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Here's what I've found for you so far. ;)

    DELAWARE LAKE (download lake map) - Delaware County, 963 acres, unlimited horsepower - this link works- you can also just view it here* ;)

    Crappie - great populations of 8-13" whites and blacks. Highest quality crappie fishery in central Ohio for numbers and size. Best fishing is around shoreline cover in April and May. In summer, fish deep drop-offs containing stumps or other cover. November shoreline fishing has been very productive particularly for large black crappies. NOTE: effective March 1, 1997, 9" minimum length limit. OUTLOOK - GREAT.

    White bass - fair population, 8-13". Late April and early May are best as spawning white bass move up the Olentangy and Whetstone arms of the lake. OUTLOOK - FAIR.

    Largemouth bass - good population, up to 20". Fish shoreline cover in spring. Drop-offs, tree stumps and the submerged creek channels are better later in the year. 12” minimum length limit. Surprisingly good tournament lake, # 9 in state in 2001. OUTLOOK - GOOD.

    Channel catfish – great population of 12-16" fish. Night fishing with cut bait or soft craws most productive, especially in the upper half of lake during June and July. OUTLOOK – EXCELLENT.

    Saugeye - fingerlings were first stocked in June 1986. Due to large watershed for its size, lake is prone to major flooding. Saugeye, a highly migratory fish species, are prone to swimming/washing through dams during flooding so population levels and fishing success vary widely from year-to-year. Fish the flats south of Cap Cole Bay. 49,000 fingerlings were stocked in 2003. Best fishing is in the tailwater one week after large volumes of water have been discharged from the dam. OUTLOOK - FAIR.

    Looks like "someone" picked a good lake to hold a Crappie Tournament at! ;) Good job! ;)

    - Rumi
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  4. thanks rumminator

    for computer is a pos and won't let me view the map though, adobe says it is too complex :confused:
  5. bassteaser1

    bassteaser1 Feared by all that swim

    Only been there a few times but I know it's a big time Crappie Lake.I do remember the boat ramp wasn't too hot.Alot of shoreline cover to fish for an unfamiliar fisherman.Local ODNR offices will give you a nice map for free.