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Delaware Lake

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ProHawg, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. I just was wondering if anyone is catching Bass at Delaware Lake. Are they in the coves or are they on points. I know this lake has a lot of boat traffic and can't imagine that the Bass would stay on points. I would guess they would like to be in the calmer waters of the coves. What's this rain going to do to the Lake. Will it be thick as a chocolate milkshake? Also has anyone tried Chartreuse cranks on the points when it is muddy? Thanks
  2. I am the person who posted the Delaware Lake vs. Hargus Lake post on Monday. I ended up fishing Delaware Lake Tuesday morning from about 7-11am since I couldn't use my 45-horse gas motor on Hoover (someone suggested I try there) and I didn't want to rely solely on my trolling motor in such a large lake.

    At Delaware there were about a half dozen or more boats on the lake. Every one was fishing on the East side of the lake except me -- I was fishing the West side. Some appeared to be trolling, others may have been drift fishing live bait -- I couldn't quite see. I ended up with four bass in as many hours, all on the same spinnerbait, and a couple more lost. Nothing of great size -- the largest was 14". The bass I was catching were in 5-10 feet of water within 20-30 yards from shore (my estimate -- my depth finder isn't working right now). It may have been this front coming through that sent them into the shoreline to feed, and I have no clue what the others fishing on the other side of the lake were doing.