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  1. Rented boat at delaware sp sunday. Worst fishing I've had in years. Lots of people fishing for bass. Didn't see anyone catching anything. We were working for crappie-caught one crappie and a couple of cats. Water was very dirty. Alum water looked a lot better. Will go there next time.Weather was best thing about day-and the lunch my sister-in law provided.
  2. shwookie

    shwookie fishing from a kayak

    I was up there last week and saw nothing but carp rooting around.
    I caught squat from shore.

  3. Delaware is a good place to fish for cats an carp.I have only fished it two times with no luck.
  4. Hit Delaware this morning at 7am and fished until 1:00 and brought home 15 keepers, anywhere from 9" to 11". Had to work for them. Caught all on jig and tubes. Most in 15 foot of water holding in about 5-7 foot.
    Delaware is a funny lake, it can be a great crappie lake but can be hit or miss some years.