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  1. Hi, this is the first time I am on board. (Just thought registration was complicated and was too lazy ::p ) I have been reading all the great posts in this forum for a long time. I live in Akron and mostly fish the lakes/rivers nearby.

    I will come down Columbus this Friday to visit a friend there. I have heard that Delaware/Alum/Hoover are all great crappie lakes. So I hope I could do some bank fishing on my way there. Do any of you know any bank access (other than the dam and ramp areas) to any one of these lakes? Is bank fishing feasible on these lakes? Thanks a million!

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    Welcome to the board OCC,

    Hope ya don't mind that I shortend your username a bit. :)

    Bank access on Hoover is good at Oxbow. You can get there by taking S Old 3C Rd out of Galena approx 2 miles sw or west side of the lake. Oxbow Rd will be on left. There's a small boat access ramp there and plenty of shore access with a lot of brush and some good crappie fishing there when the fish are shallow.

    Bank access on Alum is good on St Rt 36/37. Go to the east side of lake and fish on the south side of SR 36. A big shale cliff bank there and some submerged trees there. It's a good bank spot, but not the best in the world. You might also google Hogback Rd. When the crappie are shallow the bank fishermen do well up there also.

    Delaware has LOTS of bank access around the whole lake. Check Horshoe Rd, Panhandle Rd & Cole Rd.

    Good luck!


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    for hoover,there is also bank access around galena at the old bridge abutments at the mouth of big walnut.more up north in the creek in can walk down the creek to some good fishing.
    try twin bridges cove in the ramp area.
    when things heat up in the middle and lower pools,try the west side trees and brush where you'll find plenty of access.wading some of those areas should be good.
  4. Hoover Reservoir is a bank fisherman's dream. Lots of places to pull off the road and walk. When the shallow crappie bite is on they'll be lined up shoulder to shoulder on Oxbow Rd.
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    at delaware i fish by the irrigation pump if you turn on main road and drive youll hit a dead end turn left and there is a small parking lot i set the bobber at 8 ft dont even worry about structure just fish on that bank cast as far as you can and let it drift back to you they can also be caught on jigs when they are thick ive caught them there any time of year even in the middle of summer early morning is the best
  7. When you say turn on Main Rd. do you mean off 23? and then when you say that it dead ends do you mean that it dead ends into Panhandle Rd.? and if it does dead end into panhandle road how far should I drive on Panhandle before I should start looking for the Irrigation pump...sorry I have so many questions...just anxious to get back to catching sounds like a prime location and I'd like to try it out after work today...:)
  8. I think i know the spot he's talking about. Yes you turn off US23 onto Main Rd, which will end with a T(dead end) intersection at Panhandle. Turn left, drive over the dam, and i would say its about 1/4 ahead yet on your left. There is a small road going down to the lake before the parking lot he speaks of i believe, either way its the first parking spot that is close to the lake you come to.
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    also there are a couple sets of speedbumps so i would not take that road at 80 :)
  10. Thats for sure on the speed bumps. Everytime i drive over those darn things i wonder what all those speed bumps managed to loosen on my truck.