deercreek white bass run????

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  1. with all the high water will we be able to wade for the bass?
    i know last year where i fished the year before was under water.
    any help would be great!!!
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    I don't recommend wading with all the high water. It is possibly unsafe. Just wait for the water to go down before wading. When are you expecting the run this year? Last year, we were slaying them down there an mid-late april.

  3. thats the question....last year i couldn't because where i waded the year before was under water. and i know this year it will be the same. i like the deer creek run because it get me ready for the galena run...:D
  4. I was by there last night and Yankeetown Pike is almost under water, the road is open but the water is almost up to the road. I think the white bass run is a month or so away so hopefully it'll be ok by then. The gates were wide open at the spillway so they are letting water out. I might head over tonight to try for some saugeye.
  5. Is the shooting range open or is it under water???
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    I'm not asking for specifics, but where are some access areas to fish the run?? Do you fish below the dam, or where the creek runs into the lake?? I am not very familiar with this area and have never fished the run at Deer Creek before, but have heard a lot about it..
  7. The shooting range was under water the other day.
  8. Thanks for the info.
  9. I start where the creek runs into the lake.There are access roads about every half mile on the west side of the creek for about two miles, I would say.I have walked a long way to get a stringer full of fish.
  10. I notice alot of people that start around Cooke-Yankeetown Rd and work there way both North and South along the creek(I guess its pretty flooded around there now though)
  11. Park at the last parking area north of the lake, where the river dumps into the lake. Walk up the west shoreline (you will have to wear waders to cross a small feeder creek). walk upstream about a 1/3 mile. there is a rock low head dam with a nice big hole below it. the fish group up there. If the water is low, the dam creates a natural barrier for the fish to move upstream. basically, they are stuck until the water level rises above the dam.
  12. Fishable!With lots being caught in the slack waters(everything)
  13. Does anybody know if the areas around the creek are still flooded??? ie around the range. Thanks for any info.