Deerassic Classic slated this weekend

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by squid_1, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Whos going? Never been but will be in the area this weekend. Says you can't bring kids. That seems to be a pretty stupid concept and that will probally be the reason I don't go. Aren't we as parents/outdoorsman responsible for passing this great recreational activity down to our youth? Just thought it was strange must be some rowdy stuff going down.
  2. It hasn't been all that rowdy in the past, but I definitely wouldn't take any kids if it was me. There are a ton of people, long lines, and normally it is hot as Hades during the mid day raffle, so it is pretty miserable, unless you have a 12 pack of ice cold drinks, and a canopy with some nice comfortable chairs, and even then, I could think of a better place to spend the day.

    I normally buy a ticket, but I won't attend again. The Friday night used to be better, but I even stopped going to that. After spending 3 hours getting out one year, that was enough for me. If you like being around a ton of people, it's not too bad of a day, but I would rather support it without spending my time there.

  3. Of the people on this site did anyone win any of the raffles, or here of some one who did. I plan on going next year with friends for the weekend.
    I talked to a guy from Dover who said his one of buddies won a 2007 Fatboy Harley on a extra $10. group of tickets and another won a $1,500 trip to anywhere through one travel agent.
    He had to go to the sport shop and pick up 2 guns worth about $2,000.