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  1. I havent had the best of luck this deer season. Only killed a small button buck. The meat is almost gone and I'm looking to stock up my freezer. If anyone is going out and wants to kill a deer and is not looking to keep the meat, I'd love to take it off your hands. It will go to a good stomach. I have two extra tags, so tagging is not an issue. Please get ahold of me at 614-306-5801. or e-mail at
    Ask for Mark.
  2. You do realize this is a public forum rite? If a Game Warden reads this he will be sitting next to your house just waiting for you to step out of line. In case you don't know your tag belongs to your shots only. That means you can't have another hunter shoot a deer for you and you tag it. You need to read your laws and think before you post.

  3. I was told once that you can sign tags over to someone to use. In other words I bought the tag but you fill it and tag it as your deer. The person harvesting the deer must stay within the season bag limits. I tried to look on the ODNR to see if this was true but could not find anything to that extent. Does anyone know if that is legal?

    On a side note, I think you gave yourself a good reason to buy one tag at a time.
  4. Sorry, I'm new to deer hunting and did not think it would be a problem. So in that case, if anyone is willing to shoot and tag a deer, I will pay you at least the cost of your tag for the deer. Thanks DFrenzy
  5. From the ODNR site:

    Deer Hunters Cannot do the following:

    14. Carry the deer permit of another person.

    15. Receive or possess a deer or parts of a deer unless such deer or deer part is tagged as required or unless the deer or part of a deer has a statement showing when and where legally taken, the date received, and from whom received; or a Division of Wildlife tag, seal, or certificate or other proof of ownership which shows the deer was killed by a motor vehicle in Ohio; or an official tag or seal and valid nonresident license issued by another state if taken from outside Ohio; or certificate of ownership or receipt issued by a wildlife officer.

    Just so you know, hate for anyone to get into any legal trouble...

  6. Your sh_ _ _ _ _ _ me someone would post something like this.....:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  7. I shock Em - the state will punish you for violating the game laws. You can't tag a deer that another hunter kills and you can't sign your tag over as mentioned. You'll have to kill another deer yourself, or eat "tag soup". with those two remaining tags.

    There are a number of hunters that don't like to eat venison and donate the deer meat. It is perfectly legal for a hunter to kill and tag a deer and then give you the carcuss free of charge. There can't be any money exchanged as that is illegal. You would just have to take the carcuss to a butcher or do the butchering yourself. You may also find a hunter that has a little extra meat that may be willing to part with it - I give my brother half a deer any year I shoot two deer or more as we won't eat more than 1.5 good sized deer in a year.
  8. fishnfool, that is basically what I am asking someone to do. donate a deer to me. I'm not trying to get in any trouble. I'm just lookin for some more meat for the freezer. I'm glad you didn't respond with the poor attitude like everyone else on this forum
  9. I Shock Em, if i had any extra i would be more than willing to bring you some since i am headin your way tonight but i only killed bambi this year so i don have but 15lbs luckey for me i am the only one in my house that eats it ~Evin~
  10. Thanks anyways, I appriciate it. I'm heading out to the stand in the next hour to hopefully change my luck
  11. Well I thank you for such a nice compliment you are all heart. So are you sure you don t work with me because i hear that good luck in your quest for another Deer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:!
  12. I know that some people can read and misunderstand the laws and I mean know harm by this I just think its funny But I read your occupation and it says
    Environmental Protection Agency. I am assuming that is what E.P.A. stands for.

    Putting what you put down one would assume someone for the E.P.A. would know better.LOL Again I mean now disrespect.
  13. littleking

    littleking Crossing Lines LIKE A PRO

    thank god for the ogf law team..... otherwise If a Game Warden reads this he will be sitting next to your house just waiting for you to step out of line!

    seriously guys, how about we start guiding un-informed and/or mis-educated fellow anglers in the right direction rather than just chastising them.

    thanks to peterson and fish-n-fool for being cordial
  14. I agree littleking...well stated!
  15. Mushijobah

    Mushijobah Urban Angler

    Get off his back, he's trying to score some meat. He's not looking to break laws, only to get some meat. Instead of giving an itemized list stating which laws he would be breaking, offer some intelligent alternatives.

    Ask a totally unrelated favor before you decide to donate meat to him...:). No laws against that.

    I_Shock, don't let the armchair judges get you down, you can hunt out of my stand anytime you would like! ;)

    Also, please work on your grammer fishforfun. If you were in school you would be breaking tons of laws :).
  16. Thanks Mushijobah, i might just hunt out of ur stand tonight!!!
  17. this is right guys, he said sorry, i dont know every law and am sure that everyone else doesnt know them ALL either, but accept apologies and educate and move on. there is nothing wrong with a hunter being reimbursed for his tag by someone who wants deer meat. i alone cannot eat 4-5 deers but would love to enjoy the hunting of that many. i passed on sooooo many deers in bow season and in muzzleloading because i will not kill it if im not gonna eat it, one and a half is about my household limit.
    IMO; Give the guy a brake.

    It's AMAZING how people hiding behind those keyboards are so quick to jump.
  19. I really don't believe most of the folks contributing information on this thread were doing it to torment or belittle the original poster. The information provided was/should be useful. I doubt that he would have appreciated it if everyone on here had provided information that would have given yielded him a deer shot by someone else and a ticket. Everyone's assessment that there is an easy way around this by simply donating the deer to him has been given and it is good advice. This thread has taken on a whole new twist and is providing nothing useful. The question has been asked and answered thus the thread is closed.;)
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