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  1. I have to say I'm not a 'fair-weather' hunter but this year, those two crappy weather days in the first firearms season and the last day of the weekend season were some of the worst I've ever experienced. It definitely negatively affected my hunting fun, attitude, and thus, contributed to my lack of production. I'll bet, the total numbers will also reflect lower than expected. Any else have thoughts on this?
  2. I was out some over the weekend and by the sounds of the shooting in my area I think the bonus weekend will be quite productive. The deer were moving very well. I was out on Saturday afternoon hoping to sit through more of a snowstorm but it changed over to sleet for the most part but it was not miserable hunting at all. I found it very relaxing. In fact Sunday evening was another great evening to be out.

  3. I looked at the ODNR site and they have the numbers out for the bonus weekend. It was down a good bit. I had not thought about the fact that many may have not hunted because of travel situations more than the conditions in the field. That was probably a bigger reason for the drop. Here is a link to the ODNR results.

    ODNR News Release 12/17/07
  4. Could all that possibly be a sign of "senior status", better known as OLD AGE?:p :D :D ;)
  5. bad weather=empty freezer so far for rex and bow and smokepole season but its starting to ware me out!!!
  6. I never mind the late season. In fact I enjoy it. The one it wears out is my wife.:D:D She seems to think I can find other things to do with my time.:rolleyes:
  7. I was out Saturday and heard a lot of shooting. We actually took 6 deer off the property we were hunting Saturday. I would have to admit that I am a little surprised by how low the numbers were.
  8. Yeah you and me both.
  9. i probably saw 50 deer in 2 hours on sunday. shot another doe. Praise God gun season is over. All the idiots go away
  10. There's one good HOT 'funnel' spot where I hunt.(priv. prop.) No other hunters but me and Jr. I think that's the problem-the only deer we see are the ones we move to one another. We both can sit for a long time! He used to complain about the lack of sitings so I let him use the hot spot(MY spot!) Now, it's HIS spot. He got a doe the first day of the gun season and a 5 pt. Sat. of the weekend season so I guess on a whole, we did ok. I saw two deer(way off), he must have seen 20! Plus-guess I just might be 'leaning' towards "Senior Status" as SD says! He should know, he's been there quite a while!!
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    I heard plenty of shooting all day Saturday. I saw almost as many deer on Saturday as I did all of gun week.
  12. Yeah...I was out Friday and Saturday the first gun week and only saw 5 deer. Wen't out this weekend and saw 21. The deer were definitley moving because we were getting them out of their beds.