Deer Seasons

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by HWood, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Well.. this by far was not a stellar deer hunting year for me but I did manage my very first deer after trying for 4 years to get one!! I got one yearling doe during bow season that I had to shoot left handed with the crossbow, I never practiced left handed, and saw nothing during gun season and only a couple during blackpowder season. O well there's always next year!! Also, wondered where do you people who hunt in Coshocton at the AEP lands get your permission from??? I tried the ODNR site but that permission was for different lands over by Columbus. Thank You, Mike from Cranberry Creek Marina.
  2. At least you shot your first deer. Now that that is under your belt, you can focus on next season. I shot two Does this season (1 during bow and 1 during shotgun) I held out for a buck and never got an opportunity to take one after the first couple of weeks. I saw two decent 8 points during the first 3 weeks of the season, but decided to pass on them for a bigger buck. I actually shot my first Doe of the season with one of these 8 pointers. That's part of deer hunting though and those bucks should be real nice next year if they made it through the season.

  3. For the AEP lands you get on their web site and you get one for free.
  4. I tried on the AEP website for Ohio and the only permit that came up was the one for around Columbus. Oh well, i'm sure i'll find it soon enough, Thanks, Mike.
  5. You want permission for the Conesville coal lands I think.
  6. Thank you for the helpful tips guys, i'll look through the site some more to see if i missed anything.
  7. I use to hunt in the Conesville area just down rt83 below the road to WillsCreek. Always seen deer and took several and but 2 - 5 other vehicles during bow season. I never tried it during gun cause they say it's a war zone of orange. Good luck