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deer season so far

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by mrtwister_jbo, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. monday started with a bang !!!
    missed decent buck early that came running by at about 7:10am missed him clean at about 40yrds /// then about 30mins later me an mrs t almost got run over by 3does never got a shot off lol one passed by r pop up blind at 5ft an pulled up one of the stakes holding it down :D /// afternoon tried one of those 100yrd +shots at a standing doe was right on but killed a small tree at about 75yrs .seen about 20 deer all 2gather monday but know real good shots or deer were 2 small passed on same little button buck 3differant times/mrs seen about 8deer all day .
    tuesday started off bad got out late wife had 2 take dad 2 dr time i got there some body else was in my spot(same stand 4 20+yrs)but some of the new guys don't have any respect 4 there elders lol shot 25 deer from this one stand have notches carved in the log lol well this kid set there till about 8am an i see him leaving so i sneak on down 2 me log , about 9:30 three does an a small 4pt buck try 2 sneak threw my woods wrong// dropped the biggest doe at 50yrs :) walk over tag it gut it an head 4 the atv as am loading it up i hear a few shots an they r getting closer so i get ready an here they come don't know how many but the 1st 2 i scoped were button's /but the 3rd one was a nother big doe so i pick a lane pop the trigger an she's gone!!
    next time i see her she about 15yrds away an running dead at me blood just pouring out both sides an she dropps at my feet i mean 2 steps an i can touch her :D very kool day an alot of meat in the freezer!!!!
    now it mrs t turn i'll be hunting with my 44redhawk 4 the rest of the week!
    gl 2 u guys an be safe :cool:
    the twister's out
  2. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    Awesome report! Pretty neat the doe just dropped in front of you like that. I prob would have hit the ground to get ready for the impact! :p

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