Deer season done before it began

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by TomC, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Well I went out this evening to put out my usual corn/cane and apples near my stand and come to find out some jack A$$ has stolen my ladder stand.

    They cut the cable with the lock and they also cut the rest of the straps as well. I found part of the strap about 15ft away from my stand. I looked all around the area and went up and down some trails to look for other signs.

    Why dont people go out and get a job and leave honest people alone. I talked to the land owner and told him what was up. He said that it must be some one tresspassing because he saw it last week. I told him if i found my stuff in the wood with someone in it or came across my stuff and the person who had it, they were going to vanish off the face of the earth.

    So since im pretty much poor it looks like im done for the year. Id like to thank all the lazy, wothless, piece of $hits out there that like to take honest peoples property.
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    sorry to hear that. that would bum me out too. but, i would never leave a valuable stand out there even locked up. i would build one from 2x4's and plywood if i wanted to leave it out. you can't leave anything out these days even locked up. it's the sign of the times = poor economy i guess?

  3. Its only a 100yrs from the property owners house and the thing that really bothers me is that is been in the same place for 4yrs now and was never touched . And when I talked to the land owner tongith he asked me about my slip for this year, because hes been expecting it.

    Oh yeah almost forgot. WHere the deer had dug holes in the ground to get to the caine and corn, the thevin butt head filled them in with more dirt.
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    That really sucks but don't give up on the season just yet!
    I've killed many deer over the years and none of them from a stand. Find a good place to hold up along a trail or near your plot and get your deer. Don't let morons ruin it for you.
    Spot and stalk is also fun, you just never know when you're gonna see one.

    Good Luck
  5. Would you quit fishin if someone stole the bucket you usually sit on at a certain spot?

    Anytime anything is left in the woods, the owner should be prepared for the day it isn't there. I bet I've lost over 50 stands over the years. It happens. Some people are good at 'finding' things. lol

    Anyway, you might be surprized at what you can see (and kill) by just hiding behind a cluster of trees or brush and bein real still. ... ;)

    I like to hunt from a climber but I've killed a truckload of deer right on the ground with em. Open yer horizons and have fun. :)

    and what's with the bait? You don't need that stuff to kill deer. It actually makes it more difficult in some aspects.:p
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    I feel you pain. The world is full of the crapheads. My buddy just had his $100+ trailcam stolen right behind his house last week. And I got someone stealing gas from my boat. Over 20 gallons so far. I made a police report Thur, but it will not do any good.
  7. Id hunt from the ground but where my spot is its kinda hard, i might try a ground blind, but ive never been in one and with a compound wouldnt it be difficult?

    Its not bait, it s food for the deer they love it. They left me a note a few weeks ago saying thanks for the corn and apples, but could ya bring us steak and shrimp.:confused: must be expensive deer.
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    I agree man dont let some jack a$$ ruin your season go to walmart and buy some goose blind material usually pretty cheap and run it between trees makes for nice and cheap ground blind try to find some kind of back drop to help conceal you also you could use good old sticks whatever it takes you do not need a stand to be successfull though keep watching the marketplace to i have seen stands go for under a hundred in there quite frequintly
  9. I know some day I will show up and I will be missing something. It is a shame. With five ladder stands, three feeders and three cameras, I am really beggin' for it. Fortunately none of them are in the same place, and I dont ever spend more than $100 on any one item. I have a buddy who was losing a lot of stuff and he put up a trail camera way up in a tree and camo'd it so it wouldn't likely be found. He got pictures of the thief when they came back for the third stand in a row. The cops found all three stands at the guys house. He had been stealing them to sell for scrap.

    I won't even tell you what my buddy did to the guy afterwards....

    Just a thought. Any tree stand cable sold out ther can be cut in two seconds with a five dollar cable cutter. I use chain and lock it with the lock out of easy reach (using rope and saddle). The chain is harder to cut and the lock is tough to reach. Maybe this has detered theft, or maybe I have been lucky. It certainly isnt because the people who hunt around the place I hunt have any ethics.

    If theft is high in an area, get a climber. They are a pain in the rear and make it hard to get set up quietly, but at least it goes in and out with you. Plus you can move around and not educate the deer too much.

    Or as Van said, make one out of wood. It would be really heavy to move and no one would really want it. I have seen some pretty decent wooden ladder stands.
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    I shot a five point Buck last November from the ground. I was standing behind a tree with a double trunk. I saw a Buck coming in my general direction and figured if he would just get close enough I could get a shot. He did and I shot him with my "old" Horton Safari Express. I ht him in the liver and the bolt passed all the way through him. He trotted about twenty yards and laid down. After a few minutes he was dead. I have a portable climbing tree stand but I haven't used it for several years now. Since my good friend and hunting buddy and his wife were killed in an automobile accident six years ago I haven't been a real serious hunter like I was with him. It's not as much fun as it used to be.
    WE had property together in Guernsey County and if you weren't there someone was sure to break in. We installed a burglar alarm and that helped, then a couple moved in next door and the breakins stopped. Somebody is always out to steal anything they can get their hands on and they aren't even Kleptomaniacs. I think a lot of them are drug users and sell the stuff they steal to get money for drugs. The really bad thing about drugs is that most of the time the money these idiots spend on them eventually gets back to terrorist who would love to kill Americans in any way they can. Sorry, didn't mean to go off on a rant ala Dennis Miller ! LOL
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    I would be still hunting for the deer/thieves never know which oe ya might
    bag lol.....
  12. Sorry for your luck. This is why I bought a climber. It goes in and comes out with me. I have 2 $100 dollar trail camera's out on our property right now and I would be very upset if they ever came up missing.
  13. I hate to feel like a shmuck but my mom heard about what had happened and bought me a new ladder stand tonight. Looks just like the one i had. Im pondering taking it back and getting a self climber. never used one of them self climbers before but i like the idea that it goes with you. Dicks had a nice alum one for 240 or somewhere around there.

    Ladder stand or not to ladder stand is the question at hand.
  14. I would go with the climber, once you get used to using them they cant be beat for versatility, just get an aluminum one with a good set of shoulder straps to carry it! a steel climber weighing in at around 30 lbs versa`s an aluminum one at 20 lbs or less makes a big differents! good luck.
  15. I just got back from one of my hunting spots not far from my house. Some low life SOB stole my climbing stand I hung on a tree 1 week ago! I have hunted out of the same tree for three years on private property without a problem. Someone is the proud owner of an API climbing stand. As mad as it makes me that my stand is gone I was more mad that someone was in my setup for opening day. I am lucky to also own a Summit climber that will not be left in the woods this season.
    I am a believer in the saying (what goes around comes around) and this person will get whats coming to them!
    I however am fired up about the upcoming archery season and will not have my spirit broken by a common thief!!!
  16. See if someone you know has one before you buy one. I have one, and have used it for years, but there are some distinct disadvantages.

    1. Extra weight to carry, makes me break a sweat unless its cold, and sweat aint good for deer...

    2. The one I have is noisy carrying in and setting up. Maybe some brands are better in this regard.

    3. It takes longer to set-up especially if you have a pin lock and it is dark.

    4. If you drop something, you have to go down in back.

    5. Trees have to be fairly straight and in a certain size class.

    6. If you dont tie the top and bottom together when climbing, you could drop the bottom and be stranded. I know someon who did this and he spent half the night in the tree in the top half before someone realized he was missing.

    7. If you dont estimate the taper of the tree right, you may end up descending and adjusting so that you are close to level when you get up there.

    8. Trees you climb can't have limbs.


    1. Not gonna get stolen unless you leave it at the base of the tree attached.
    I see this a lot actually, just kinda wonder what they are thinking.

    2. If the trees are good, you can adjust your position without help.

    3. If you can put up with the disadvantages, it will be the last stand you ever buy.

    4. By moving around to different spots, deer arent likely to get pushed permanently out of the area. A big problem I have had the last few years hunting ladders. I over hunt the spot then they dissappear.

    I have killed far more deer out of my climber that a ladder stand or fixed stand and I have spent equal time in both. Don't want to discourage you from getting one, just want to make sure you know the good and bad.
  17. sucks your ladder got stolen. its alot easier to go to a ladder stand and climb up it and your done. but if you use a climber your alot more mobile. if you decide on the climber get one thats light and has a rail on it they are a ton more comfortable. when you carry it in make sure you have the top and bottom attached together real tight that way it wont make as much sound. and before you hunt with it practice going up a tree taking your time to not make much noise. im scared to death of heights but i dont know what i would do if i didnt have my climber. i love the thing.
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    but spot and stalk or sloooow stalk. get with in 10 feet. it is a big rush 10 ft and less. buck or doe. just doo it. your hart will pound out of your chest.
  19. I don't know what kind of stands you guys have, but I have a Summit climber and love it. It fits comfortably on my back while walking in and doesn't clang while walking. It is very easy to set up and get up a tree. From the base of the tree, it takes me roughly 10 minutes to get set up and climb to my spot. The cable system makes it very quiet and easy to get it set up.

    Despite the many disadvantages listed, I wouldn't trade my climber for anything in the world. Just remember to leave plenty early to make certain you are set up in your tree when you want to be.
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    TomC- how far are your from cleveland ohio or pymatuning lake?? I have a spare climber that has never been used that i would be willing to loan you for the season after the season- you would return it or we would work something out. Pm me if interested.