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Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by cheezemm2, Dec 31, 2007.

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    Had a family member give me some deer meat over the weekend. I need recipes for deer tenderloin and steaks. The fiance is a bit shy of anything that has a solid game taste to it. Do I need to soak overnight in salt water or marinades? Any help/recipes would be appreciated!
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    Here is hands down the single best marinate for deer steaks that I've ever had. I've used it on yearlings (which ya can't mess up) and old deer that are typically gamier/tougher.

    Italian Dressing.

    Take the steaks out of their packaging and place in a sealable sandwich bag, add about a quarter of a bottle of itialian dressing and place the package into the fridgerator for a day or two. Generally speaking a quarter of a container of itallian dressing per pound is sufficient. You just want to make sure the steaks are evenly coated in the stuff. If I place the steaks in the fridge at night, I flip the bag over the following morning to make sure the dressing covers them entirley.

    I fed some steaks I prepared like this to a friend a week ago and he told me it was as good as any select cut of beef out there. My girlfriend loves deer meat prepared this way as well.

    Now, as far as cooking goes. Cook them on the grill if you have one, and cook them over a heat of about 350. Deer drys out easily, and anymore than 10 minutes is to much depending on the thickness of the cut. I generally go 5 minutes per side or less. I like it a little pink in the middle and the stuff melts like butter in your mouth.

    Try it out, let me know what ya think.

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    If you want to "disguise" the venison (I have a crap load of kids, and a couple that think they will NEVER eat wild game) try this.
    -Cut your steaks to about 2" diameter
    -salt, pepper, and garlic them and roll in flour
    -pan fry them in olive oil, medium high, about one minute each side to sear/brown them
    -set aside to drain
    -in a large electric skillet heat one can of mushroom soup and one half can of milk for each pound of meat. (If you are only doing one lb of meat use more milk)
    -once mushroom mix begins to simmer add venison steaks and any desired seasonings (regardless of what you may have read on another thread do not add peanut butter).
    -let SIMMER about 2 hours (the longer the better)
    -boil a bag of kluskie noodles, or whatever kind you prefer
    -serve the venison & mushroom sauce over the noodles
    -add garlic bread and an ice cold beer