??Deer Processing Central Ohio??

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  1. Anyone have their favorite, best deal processors in central Ohio? I would like to get an idea before hand so I am not searching later....thanks in advance!:!
  2. I have heard from local hunters that Rienschield Meats in Bremen does a great job.

  3. Patterson's is on rt 22 near salt fork. A couple of years ago they charged 50 bucks.
  4. Bremen sounds closer than Salt Fork...is it in Lancaster?
  5. It's about 10 miles out of Lancaster on SR 37 toward New Lexington. In Bremen.
  6. Wow, thats a haul from Hilliard with these gas prices. I was hoping for something in Columbus or close. I heard Thurns, not sure were that is and I know of someone out in Darbydale, but they do not have a freezer.
  7. The closest one that I know of going your way from my place would be Perfect's in Johnstown. It is right on 62 in the middle of town. That would still be a bit of a haul. I would think there is something out your way a good bit closer.
  8. yes that would be a haul... but you did say "Central Ohio" ... lol
  9. Thurns is ok. It's definitely in "Central Ohio". It's right near downtown Columbus on Greenlawn ave and 71. It'll run you about 100 bucks for just your standard processing. Which kind of sucks. I'm looking for a new, slightly more affordable option around central ohio. Seeing as me and the wife are each trying to take a deer or two. We have an apartment so I cant really do it myself. If anyone would want to help me out, I'd pay them!!
  10. where do you hunt? i get mine done in tarlton, which i hunt south of c-ville anyways. it is a bit of a haul also, but for 50 bucks!!!!!!! its worth it for me and the time it takes to do one yourself.
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    There is a guy in Carol Ohio (tween C-bus and lancaster on 33) that does it for around 70. Deer Skinners is the name I think. 740-756-3337. There is another guy in Grove City that does it out of his garage. I'm sure there is someone very near, or in Hilliard that does it.
  12. there is a grocery store just down the road from my office, south side of cmh close to frank rd/71 exit. dont quote me but i believe i saw a sign that they do processing. they are a check station for sure. you can also look on ohiodnr.com for a list of check stations by county, am sure if you called one of them they could point you to the closest processor. anyway, info for the grocery store is below.

    Food Max
    1200 Frank Rd.
    Columbus, OH
    (614) 274-8012
  13. A grocery store that is a deer processor? That would definitely be the first time I have ever heard of that one. There are so many restrictions to control cross contamination of meats and other foods that I can't imagine how a grocery could do it. Perhaps they are a meat processor of beef only. Some shops have given up on the deer processing because of the lengths they have to go through when handling deer and especially when switching back.
  14. Fishermans West over on Broad St in New Rome has done it in years past, you might want to give him a ring to be sure and to check on price, his # is in the phone book.
  15. They did a good job on my deer last year. If remember right it was $70.00 and they had it done in one day.
  16. Warner's locker , about 10 miles north of Marysville does a pretty decent job & it costs $40 for the standard cut. They do a bunch of deer and have later hours to make it easier.
    I hauled one up for a friend last year & was surprised at how cheap it was. Almost makes me want to take mine there instead of doing it myself.
  17. After seeing piles of deer at some processing locations and the questionable dressing skills of some, we have been cutting our own for about 12 years now, with a couple of deer being done at Olier's in Utica.

    We can now skin, cut, grind and wrap a deer in about 2 hours. We know it is ours and how it was handled and don't throw questionable scraps in the grind pile, etc....

    Reinshields is very expensive, and has a reputation as taking a long time to get your deer done. He does, however, make some nice stuff.
  18. Yes, true, but you get what you pay for, usually. I have knowm Kenny since he worked at Hill's in Rushville, and I promise their isn't a better butcher out there. But I can only recommend what I know...
  19. There are two places in south western Franklin county where I have taken deer before. One of them is on Possum Run Rd and the other is in Grove City on Hoover Rd by Buckeye Boys Ranch. They were both clean and got my meat back in a timely manner. I am not sure if the guy on Possum Run Rd still does deer or not but I know the gentleman on Hoover Rd does. Let me know if you need their numbers.

    I bought grinder and now butcher my own deer and would be willing to help you if my schedule will allow.