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  1. What should I do with my deer if I get one to save it for mounting?

    thanks in advance
  2. First, make the incision for dressing no further than the brisket. When skinning, skin down the neck as far as you feel you can get. Go ahead and cut the head off, and put everything in the freezer or get it to your taxidermist ASAP.

  3. First Off-----do Not Cut When You Are Gutting Pastthe Brisket At All,,,this Is Way More Than The Tax. Needs But That Does Help Them Outalot.. If I Were You, I Would Not Cape Out That Deer At All. If You Are Going To A Reputable Deer Processor Than They Should Know What They Aredoing There....but If You Do Decide To Skin The Deer Yourself, Then Be Very Careful About Cutting Thru The Hyde At All, This Can Make It Real Difficult Depending On The Are To Make It Look Right For The Taxidermist...hope This Helps Out And Good Luck To You...tony