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Deer in my back yard

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by eagleclaw, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. eagleclaw

    eagleclaw Banned

    i was taking out the garbage and noticed deer tracks in the snow and noticed
    deer tracks i live in colerain twps too bad i can't hunt in my back yard :D
  2. Maybe If You Cant I Can.......

  3. Probably just Reindeer do beleive in Santa don't you?
  4. eagleclaw

    eagleclaw Banned

    this was after christmas i do believe in santa
  5. Was at my daughters in Loveland last night and saw 5 does in her backyard.

    She says she sees them all the time, does and fawns, along with a big Buck every once in awhile.
  6. Seaturd

    Seaturd Catcher of Fish

    There was a very nice buck right along Wooster Rd. in Barberton one day last week. On the old PPG plant property across from the ballfields. He was feeding away along with a doe pretty oblivious to traffic that was stopped 50 ft from him.
  7. My fiance's parents live down by the cleves/north bend area and in their backyard is a funnel and I've seen at least 5 bucks come through there before that were easily 140 class bucks. Also seen one piebald that was pretty cool but it was a doe but still neat to see. Just neat to see these good bucks in the suburbs lol.